Breakdown Alexa : the pregnant Amazon Echo no longer answer

No, don't hit your internet box right away, it has nothing to do with it! Finally, today in any case, because if your speakers Amazon Echo no longer answer, it's quite simply that a breakdown is currently affecting the servers ofAlexa in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain. In short, in Europe!

Update 14 p.m.: a spokesperson forAmazon confirms to us by e-mail a return to normal: “This morning we encountered an issue that affected the ability of some customers Alexa to interact with the service. The service Alexa now works normally.

A failure affects the servers ofAlexa in Europe

Publications concerning breakdowns are multiplying this morning on the first community Alexa et Amazon Echo French-speaking. Many of you have indeed heard the eternal phrase "sorry, i'm having a little trouble understanding you at the moment, please try again later".

Rest assured, you are not alone in not being able to use your voice assistant, and the site There is now an upsurge in reports in France, but especially in Germany where you will notice that users seem to be much more numerous… A phenomenon rare enough to deserve to be reported.

How to fix the problem?

Well, like your favorite voice assistant, we can only advise you to try again later. Indeed, Alexa being hosted in the cloud, unfortunately there is nothing you can do other than be patient.

Rest assured, Amazon being the world leader in the sector, the problem is actually already fixed and the services are gradually returning for all users. The only persistent problems at the time of writing these words concern the routines Alexa and speaker groups (pairs of speakers et Home cinema Amazon Echo).

Some will say that this is the problem of the cloud in home automation, but it must be recognized that this type of incident is relatively rare, not to say exceptional since we hardly encounter more than one per year. This is very low for such a widely used service and you may have seen issues with your apps more often. smart home such as Tuya / Smart Life, Philips Hue, or even eWeLink.

help Alexa : solve your problems Amazon Echo

Following a breakdown, it is possible that your device Amazon Echo encounter problems and does not reconnect alone. This can happen during incidents such as today, but also when your Internet service provider is experiencing disruptions or if your local network is down.
To reconnect Alexa, try the following steps:

  • Start by restarting it first. In 99% of cases, this should be enough. You can do this for all devices in the house.

If that doesn't work or your device has intermittent connection issues:

  • Place your device Amazon Echo unless 10 meters from your Wi-Fi router ;
  • Check that your router is working. If other devices can't connect, it's probably the problem: restart your box.
  • If your router uses multiple networks or SSIDs (eg 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz bands), try switching your device between networks. For example, if you see two wireless networks "Home-2.4" and "Home-5", disconnect from the one you are using and try to connect to the other.
  • If your device is still having intermittent connection issues, restart it again.

And if nothing works, wait while reading our tutorials Alexa et Amazon Echo :

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June 30, 2022 3:51 a.m.
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