Google announces two new Chromecast features

On the occasion of Google I / O, the Mountain View firm raised two highly anticipated features for users of Chromecast and Google Nest speakers. The first concerns the possibility of transferring a video from one screen to another, the second that of connecting your Google Home speakers to Home Cinema.

Stream Transfer: transfer your Cast from one device to another

As its name suggests, Stream Transfer simply allows you to transfer a cast from one device to another. If you start watching a YouTube video on your smartphone, you can now easily switch it to a compatible device such as an Android TV, a screen connected thanks to a Chromecast with Google TV, or on a Nest Hub connected display.

Better yet, a simple Google Assistant voice control will allow you to do this toggle by saying "OK Google, continue broadcasting on the bedroom television" If, for example, it's time for bed but you haven't finished the last episode of your favorite series on Netflix. Convenient, isn't it?

Stream Expansion: the Google Home Home Theater

Announced last November by the Wall Street Journal, the feature is not really a surprise, but now bears a name as revealed yesterday by Ben Serridge, product manager at Google. " With Cast Connect Stream Expansion, users can add speakers to what is being played on the current stream ”. In other words, the Google Cast system will allow the image to be broadcast on a compatible screen and the sound on one or more Google Home speakers.

Google has not yet specified which products will be compatible with Stream Expansion, but the functionality is nonetheless interesting for anyone who owns pairs of speakers. Nest audio, for example, since they will be able to use them to create a Google Home Home Theater compact at low cost. A system reminiscent of the one proposed by Amazon which allows the coupling ofEcho speakers with a Fire TV Stick or Cube.

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