New year home automation at reduced prices with Xiaomi, Aqara, Fibaro, Shelly

Domadoo, the French specialist in the online sale of products dedicated to home automation, begins the year very strongly and celebrates 2022 with many discounts of up to -25% ! If home automation interests you and you want to start the year with quality products, now is the time to take advantage.


Sonoff offers many devices using either the Wi-Fi either the protocol ZigBee. A brand known ever since for its different types of switches, including the Sonoff Basic ZRB3 that we presented to you a few months ago, Sonoff offers a wide range of products that can equip the house from the cellar to the attic, ranging from Wi-Fi bulbs au capteur de temperature and motion detectors and therefore simplify our lives. So why not enjoy it ?




Domadoo also offers -25% on its range of Fibaro products, a benchmark in the Z-Wave sector, ranging from switches to sockets and detectors.


Who does not know the Xiaomi and Aqara brands to the point of assimilating the second as belonging to the first? And yet, the two Chinese companies are quite independent, even if they share the same universe and often the same hardware in home automation, Xiaomi being none other than Aqara's first customer.

Obviously present on the Domadoo store, at the start of the year you can refuel at low prices with, for example, a xiaomi light sensor or the very last Aqara G3 camera with facial and gesture recognition which in addition integrates a ZigBee hub !



To start the year off right and expand your home automation, a box may be essential. If everyone doesn't know coding, or just doesn't want to get their hands dirty, design a system DIY, the plug end play box Jeedom atlas and our tutorials will help you go further and make all your home automation work locally. Yes, you understood correctly, with Jeedom Atlas and its integrated ZigBee, you will no longer have to fear Internet failures and benefit from 100% local home automation available 100% of the time.


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