New Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, the ultimate robot vacuum?

Last year, the Roborock S7 + had somewhat surprised with a return to S-series fundamentals. Although offering an innovative new sonic cleaning system and a particularly compelling dust collection station, the absence of the ReactiveAI camera introduced on its predecessor S6 MaxV had what to surprise and many then liked to dream of an S7 MaxV.

It is now done with this new opus actually named Roborock S7 Max V which, however, does not stop at the mere addition of a camera with artificial intelligence, but is accompanied by a automatic station that one could qualify as revolutionary, and of an interesting Roborock Q Series more affordable… Did we tell you everything?

Roborock S7 + review: simply the best?

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: the ReactiveAI camera is back

As usual, the most innovative manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaners took advantage of CES 2022 to unveil its new Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. After a very effective but very consensual S7, the new top of the range of the mark this year puts the points on the i to all its competitors by offering what could well be theThe ultimate robot vacuum for 2022.

Le Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra in fact reconnects with technology ReactiveAI, now in version 2.0, which combines RGB camera and 3D scan by structured light to a convolutional neural network.

We are talking here about an artificial intelligence which, you will understand, allows this robot to bypass objects that it meets on its way with more precision than ever and whatever the lighting conditions. We think in particular of socks and shoes, bathroom scales, or even the excrement of our four-legged friends, but also more basically of the furniture that he is now able to identify and position on his map, thus allowing the quicker cleaning around the dining table or sofa with one touch of the icon.

For those most concerned about their confidentiality, the S7 MaxV Ultra is certified in accordance with the cybersecurity standard ETSI EN 303 645 by TUV Rheinland, a guarantee of safety as we already mentioned during the Roborock S6 MaxV review.

Still capable of finely mapping parts, the Roborock S7 MaxV can now handle up to 4 floors, detect the nature of the soil automatically, and of course lifting the mop when walking over a carpet.

A mop always sonic with 6N ground support, or the equivalent of the force of a mass of 600 grams, which should enable it to repeat the excellent results of the 2021 model. And probably to do even better thanks to its brand new 3-in-1 station ...

Finally a 3-in-1 automatic station!

After having also surprised us with his Self-Empty Dock, the best automatic dump station on the market for the year 2021, Roborock takes the cursor up a notch by bringing us the accessory we have all been waiting for: a 3-in-1 automatic station !

"Contrary to popular belief, robot vacuum cleaners still require frequent handling by users, both in terms of maintenance and operation", said Richard Chang, founder and CEO of Roborock, on the sidelines of CES 2022. “We're trying to change that by offering consumers an even more self-contained solution that requires minimal interaction with the device. It is therefore necessary to create a vacuum cleaner capable of identifying and adapting to the different objects in its path, including carpets and obstacles, while emptying itself and maintaining itself as much as possible. With the S7 MaxV Ultra, users take a further step towards full autonomy in cleaning floors. "

Concretely, like the Yeedi Mop Station of its competitor Ecovacs, Roborock Empty Wash Fill Dock offers three large bins, two intended to receive clear water (3 liters) and waste water (2.5 liters), but also a third dust bin (2.5 liters). Its automatic water refill function allows the S7 MaxV Ultra to clean up to 300 m², which is 50% more than its predecessors, while the dust bag offers battery life of up to 7 weeks.

A concept which is reminiscent of the Roids Eva currently in crowdfunding, but which really takes shape here and promises us unequaled performance… Especially since, for the first time, an OMO product designed in collaboration with Unilever will be available in order to further improve the quality of washing with water!

Roborock Q Series: a mid-range offering for the S Series

Finally, with a new Q series, Roborock intends to offer a new mid-range offer combining the automatic emptying function with the proven technologies of the S series. The Chinese manufacturer will therefore offer a Roborock Q7 Max already seen in China, as well as a new named dump station Auto Empty Dock Pure while waiting for the exit of his flagship. A perfect compromise for those who do not want to put too many resources into a robot.

If the Q Series of which we do not yet know the price list should be available in Europe before the summer, we will however have to wait a few months before seeing the arrival of the Roborock S7 MaxV which will be offered in high price of 1399 €. Pricing that aligns with iRobot, the industry leader, but doesn't seem inconsistent in view of the many innovative features brought this year. The new robot will also be available from the first quarter without its base at the price of 799 € and Plus version at 999 €, but we cannot tell you the differences between these two models yet.
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