New Redroad V17: a silent stick vacuum cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaners are almost essential complements to robot vacuum cleaners that we already have for a lot. Unfortunately, these cannot always reach certain spaces, if they are small or in height for example, and it is then necessary to resort to a more conventional vacuum cleaner. Smaller and more manoeuvrable, the stick vacuum cleaner is the perfect ally and sneaks where its friend cannot intervene.

This is why Redroad, a young brand created in 2017, offers its broom vacuum cleaner Red Road V17. Let's see what is going on.

Redroad V17: a vacuum cleaner offering silence and air quality

Le RedRoad V17 is characterized by its silent mode with only 60 dB announced, or the normal sound of a conversation. This is made possible by a nine-step treatment to reduce sound output as much as possible, such as the use of polymer cotton for sound absorption, or the extraction of air from the upper part to reduce breath. You can use it while baby is sleeping without worrying that he will wake up from the noise.

In terms of hygiene, the Red Road V17 offers five-stage filtration, two of which with HEPA filters H12 and H13 with activated carbon, thanks to its system Mandala 3.0 which will filter and retain the particles from 0.1µm where most other models only retain particles of 0.3 µm. This captures fine dust, pollens, animal dander and of course mites ... Everything is collected in a container. 600ml.

You can even put a little personal touch to your stick vacuum cleaner by choosing the color of the filter cover among the seven offered by the brand.

Power side, the Red Road V17 features a brushless motor rotating up to 120 rpm that develops no less than 26500 Pa with a nominal power of 450W, that is to say a not less than 155AW (Air Watt), higher values ​​than many other models in the same category.

Regarding autonomy, its battery 2500 mAh lets use it up to 1 hour depending, of course, on the suction power selected. in one of the three different power that he proposes. For recharging, count 3.5 hours, it can be done either by removing the removable battery, or by placing it on the wall support, or by placing the vacuum brush directly there, or by plugging the cable directly into the device. Short four charging modes that allow you to find the right solution according to your placement.

To make everything clean you have the motorized brush with a roll of Fluffy type for floors and carpets, an electric brush for delicate fabrics such as sofas, beds, two small flat brushes and a crevice tool. With all this, your interior can only be as clean as a penny ...

THERedRoad V17 stick vacuum will be released in early September 2021. In the meantime, you can find its complete technical sheet on the brand's official website.
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