Notes Alexa : reminders available in France

Two months after their arrival in the United States and Canada, the reminders and notes Alexa are now available in France. An interesting feature that allows you to display Post-its on the screens of our Echo Show devices.

Sticky notes and notes Alexa arrive in France

A few days before the arrival of the new Echo Show 15 in our cottages, reminders Alexa logically have just discreetly appeared in the voice assistant application. Practical, they allow you to note all kinds of things and display them on Echo Show connected screens.

To use them, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Open theapplication Alexa,
  2. Press "More" at the bottom right,
  3. Choose "Lists and Notes",
  4. Select the tab "Notes".

You can obviously access it using voice commands by saying:

"Alexa, take a note"

On Echo Show 15, you can also say:

"Alexa, send a note"

Unfortunately, this last command is specific to the new Amazon Echo show 15 for now, because it allowsassociate the note with the facial identifier of the user. Saying, « Alexa, send a note », the personalized reminder is displayed on the screen of your Echo Show 15 when you face it. A more than interesting option that allows you to personalize the user experience and that we hope to see arrive soon on more models.

Another regret, although present on our Echo Show 10, the ability to pin sticky notes Alexa still seems to be reserved for the Echo Show 15 alone. We bet that Fire OS updates will one day make it possible to do the same on the rest of the range…

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July 4, 2022 22:19 a.m.
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