Netatmo launches connected carbon monoxide detector

The connected smoke detectors, you know, we talk to you regularly about them as their connectivity can save lives and property. But it is another type of device that interests us today with the announcement of a connected carbon monoxide detector at Netatmo.

A carbon monoxide detector at Netatmo

Netatmo will soon expand its range of connected objects with a connected carbon monoxide detector. A security device unfortunately still too rare in our connected homes and which can nevertheless save lives.

Indeed, the major problem with CO is that it is invisible, odorless, and therefore undetectable by humans that we are. Its diffusion being particularly rapid and a very small quantity sufficient to cause poisoning, its victims generally do not have time to identify the symptoms before the gas is fatal to them. So every year, carbon monoxide kills more than 300 in France and we count several thousand poisonings more or less serious.

It is therefore recommended to install a carbon monoxide detector in any room with a combustion appliance such as a boiler, fireplace, stove or even gas stove.

Thanks to a powerful 85 dB alarm, Netatmo's CO detector will therefore be able to alert you, even in your sleep, so that you get out of your home as quickly as possible, the time to open your windows wide in order to ventilate and then find the source of the monoxide emission of carbon.

Alerts which, in the case of a connected object, will of course also be sent to you directly on your smartphone. Better yet, the Netatmo Home + Security app seems to be able to monitor the rate in real time of this gas in the air. A feature that seems particularly interesting to us if it is indeed offered.

Finally, like the smoke detector already proposed, the device is apparently equipped with a battery giving it a 10-year battery life, date after which the device is in any case to be replaced by a new one. It has a Self-Test function which monitors the status of the carbon monoxide sensor and benefits from the CE certification (EN 50291) and NF certification reserved for products which offer the highest safety criteria.

Le Netatmo Intelligent Carbon Monoxide Detector is up for pre-order at € 99,99, no hidden costs or home automation box to add. The product is available on and Amazon, but also at Boulanger or Leroy Merlin ...

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