Netatmo: up to -33% for the start of the school year!

If you are a fan of automation and voice assistance, you are bound to know Netamo ! The French company founded in 2011 has indeed launched more than 14 connected objects since its creation, most of which are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa that most of us have successfully tested… And, like every year, Netatmo can be found in our good home automation plans like it should be !

Netatmo Energy thermostat at 132.99 € or -26%

Netatmo thermostat: test, full review and price of the thermostat connected to thermostatic valvesIt is an essential object in order to achieve energy savings: the connected thermostat. And, as you can see in our Netatmo thermostat test, this model is particularly interesting because it is compatible with the vast majority of individual boilers (electricity, gas, fuel oil, wood, heat pump).

Easy to install, it will take you about 15 minutes to put it into operation without professional help. Thanks to his Auto-Adapt function which integrates the weather and the thermal characteristics of your home, you will always have the right temperature at home and can easily define your heating schedules room by room thanks to the Netatmo Energy application available for 13 shelves and smartAndroid and iOS phones, but also on a computer via a web browser.

Apple Homekit compatible, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, the Netatmo thermostat can be controlled by voice and offered today at € 132.99 on Amazon. Fr, be one 26% discount. A purchase quickly pays for itself, we can guarantee it!

Netatmo weather station: the essential

With its design that fits perfectly into our contemporary interiors, the Netatmo weather station was the very first product of the brand and the one that made its success. Connected, it allows you to consult your own weather reports on your smartphone or tablet, but also on a web browser. A real local weather forecast and not the approximate indications from Météo France… Thanks to a community map, you can also share your readings and consult those of the community to know at any time how much the weather is where you are.

Find our Netatmo weather station test and additional modules such as indoor module, the connected rain gauge or even the Netatmo connected anemometer. Yes, we have all tested them, and approved them, because each of the members of the editorial staff has one so much we find it brilliant!

Note, if you have the brand's thermostat, it can be based on the station readings to adapt your heating even better. A perfect combo, believe us!

Compatible with voice assistants Alexa and Siri, the Netatmo weather station is only available today from 114.99 € on Amazon. Fr.
Tip: Buy a TFA-Dostman shell to protect the outdoor unit from the elements and get more relevant readings. We all use it and it is perfectly suited as you will see in our test.

The Netatmo doorbell: for the first time on sale!

It was undoubtedly the most awaited product by fans of the brand: the Netatmo video doorbell is now in production. promo with 22% discount.

La Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell adapts to most electrical installations (8-24 V & 230 V) If you already have a wired doorbell with chime, all you need to do is replace it and connect it to your current chime The doorbell is not compatible with wireless chimes Don't forget to connect the Doorbell to your Wi-Fi

Netatmo: smart cameras

Black Friday 2020 promotions on Netatmo camerasNetatmo cameras, known as intelligent, are able to distinguish between a stranger, a loved one or an insignificant movement thanks to a recognition technology doped with artificial intelligence. So when the camera detects an unfamiliar face, it immediately alerts you via the Netatmo Security app.

In addition to real-time alerts, you can also use them on your echo devices equipped with screens since they are now compatible Alexa. The same goes for Google Home users who will be able to find the image on Nest Hub.

Capable of detect ambient noise and in particular alarms, whether it is a smoke detection or an anti-intrusion alarm, and thereforerecord video on their micro-SD storage. Because, yes, Netatmo cameras are not dependent on the cloud and without hidden costs since they do not require a subscription. So a good plan!

Netatmo Security: a complete range to monitor the home

In addition to your cameras, Netatmo Security also allows you to manage other elements such as the intelligent smoke detector and its battery offering 10 years of autonomy, or a connected alarm with a siren, door opening sensors and windows… Perfect for being warned even faster in the event of a break-in!

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