Neatmo Introduces Matter Compatible Thread Safety Sensor

A few days after the end of CES 2022, which was punctuated in the category Smart Home by announcements concerning the new Matter standard, Netamo presents today a new Matter-compatible smart safety sensor. Based on the communication protocol Thread, this 2-in-1 sensor could well be a great success with home automation users ...

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The Netatmo range is enriched with a smart 2-in-1 safety sensor

If you Netatmo intelligent safety sensor comes in the form of a simple opening sensor intended for doors and windows, it is actually much more than that, the French company having also integrated a movement detector PIR type.

Ce 2-in-1 sensor allows both to check the “open” or “closed” status of a door or window, to detect a possible presence thanks to infrared, but also and above all to communicate with other connected objects.

Thread and Matter compatible, Netatmo's new device can indeed interact with all compatible products, whatever their brand. A very interesting point which will allow, for example, to start the heating controlled by a Netatmo thermostat if the room is occupied, to turn it off if it is empty for a certain time, to turn on a CMV or light bulbs. connected Philips Hue if a presence is detected, etc.

Netatmo says yes to Matter and chooses Thread

As we have known for a few months now, the Legrand group is a stakeholder in the Connectivity Standards Alliance, a consortium which now has more than 220 companies working to simplify home automation for users through the Universal Matter Standard. A standard which should finally allow consumers on the one hand to no longer question the compatibility of a new connected product with those it already has, but also to extend the possibilities of interaction between products and especially to simplify their use with voice assistants.

Matter: the universal home automation protocol is advancing!

As for Thread, it is neither more nor less than the communication protocol used on this new safety sensor. Among the different IP technologies that support Matter, this is the one that should prevail in addition to the now well-known ZigBee. Operating in a mesh network on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, this protocol allows connected objects to easily communicate with each other from a border router present on many products (such as loudspeakers Amazon Echo, Google Nest or Apple HomePod mini, etc.).

If the brand does not specify a release date, this depends largely on the publication of the first version of the Matter standard expected in the first half of 2022, the Netatmo Intelligent Security Sensor should be available this year. By being a stakeholder in this standard, Netatmo once again presents itself as a key player in the Smart Home, helping to make access to the connected home easier for as many people as possible.

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