Meross: up to -42% on switches and connected sockets

We announced it to you this weekend, Prime Day 2020 will not take place in July this year, but fortunately the brands have some good surprises in store for us! Today it is Meross, manufacturer of small connected objects well known to users ofAmazon Alexa et Google Assistant, which offers -20% on a large part of its catalog. Reliable and qualitative products that we have tested and fully validated for the most part!

Set of 4 connected sockets at 37 € or -26%

It is a reference that we particularly appreciate: the Meross MSS310EU connected sockets (see test). Their successful design and very qualitative design make them excellent products which also offer monitoring of electricity consumption. A must have!

Set of 4 connected sockets at 34 € or -26%

Same design as the previous ones but a little cheaper because not benefiting from the consumption monitoring, the Meross MSS210EU connected sockets However, they are still excellent products just as reliable as their predecessors.

Multiple sockets from € 22

Available in 3 or 4 AC outlet versions, the Meross MSS425E multiple sockets (tested by us) and MSS425F both offer 4 additional USB ports. Practical, reliable and responsive, these are excellent choices. In writing, we have been using them for over two years without the slightest problem. We recommend!

Updated: August 8, 2022 17:32 a.m.

Garage door opener at 28 € or -30%

Your garage door is already electric but you would like to integrate it into your home automation Alexa or Google Home? This is the product for you! Easy to install and simple to use, this garage “opener” allows you to always know the status of the latter. In addition, it is an economical solution since it is offered to 28 € instead of € 39.99 in black and white version.

Updated: August 8, 2022 17:32 a.m.

Connected switches

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Meross connected switches allow you to turn your light on or off via a voice command. Download the free Meross app from the Google Store or scan the QR code in the manual. Turn the lights on or off via a smartphone (iOS and Android) with your Meross APP everywhere without distance limit. Please note, a neutral wire is required to power the Wi-Fi module. Find it Meross plug test here.

Updated: August 8, 2022 17:32 a.m.

Meross MSS710 switch at 5 € / piece

Very practical, this switch allows you to connect everything that is not! Tucked away behind a wall or a ceiling, or even directly on the power cable of your device, the Meross MSS710 switch allows you to automate everything simply and, above all, at a low price since it will cost you just over € 5 per set of 4!


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