Matter wins a CES Innovation Award 2022

For the past few months, we have not stopped telling you about the news Matter home automation standard. It must be said that this is undoubtedly the most important development in the sector since its inception. And the CES is not mistaken by awarding this month a CES Innovation Award 2022 at Matter ! A significant recognition for this consortium which intends to move the lines ...

Matter counts for CES

As the blog recently pointed out Ababala!!!, the organizers of the Consumer Electronics Show have chosen to award this year a CES Innovation Award to Matter. You know, the new home automation standard that intends to shake up the codes of the sector by offering consumers that we are more simplicity and interoperability, adjectives that until now were very difficult to attribute to home automation ...

Drowned in a multitude of protocols, our connected homes often use ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and much more. The concern is that everyone had so far found it very difficult to communicate with each other, unless of course using a home automation box multiprotocol capable of coordinating them.

Announced in 2019 under the name of "CHIP", the project Connected Home over IP this year turned into Matter, the ZigBee Alliance giving birth to the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Behind this seemingly innocuous change, the desire to show that the ZigBee would not reign supreme in this project which is intended to be open to all.

Matter: the universal home automation protocol is advancing!

Although the SDK of Matter is only expected for the first semester 2022, the CES jury wanted to recognize this year the efforts of the consortium of companies by haloing Matter with a Innovation Awards 2022 with the mention “Honoree”. An honorary distinction that the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) describes as “Testimony to the vision, progress and hard work of the Matter Task Force”.

It must be said that the promise is great, Matter being called to unify the world of Smart Home, a sector that is fragmented, not to say divided, by guaranteeing its users more open and interoperable systems. Because yes, it is interoperability in question, hundreds of companies committing to open their ecosystems to competing devices! This idea, which until now seemed to be utopian, will be a real coup if Matter fulfills his objectives and will then be worth much more than a CES Innovation Awards 2022.

Build with Matter: a paradigm shift

Apparently satisfied with its award, the Connectivity Standards Alliance took the opportunity to highlight its new website:

Exit the "Works with Matter", the devices will be stamped "Build with Matter". A not-so-trivial paradigm shift that clearly expresses the consortium's desire to make the standard a pillar of our connected homes. Indeed, Matter is intended to be a founding element, a prerequisite for the design of products which will no longer be only compatible, but designed and manufactured " matter in mind" page (in French).

Users of the voice assistant ofAmazon are aware of this distinction, which already exists between devices marked " Works with Alexa "And those benefiting from a real" Alexa Built-in". On the one hand, devices that offer more or less functionality with the assistant. On the other, those that were really designed to work with it.

In short, you will understand, you have not finished hearing about Matter and you risk reading this "Build with Matter" very often on our pages in the years to come!
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