Matter: Aqara will support the new home automation standard

The news is decidedly rich at Aqara, a large manufacturer of connected objects in ZigBee which announces, today, its full commitment to Matter, the new home automation standard.

Matter means a lot to Aqara

Formerly known as Project CHIP (Connected Home over IP), Matter is a new standard of connectivity open source and secure for home automation. Bringing together more than 200 companies in a named consortium Connectivity Standards Alliance (THAT'S IT), the project aims to improve the user experience by providing a interoperability between devices of different brands and protocols thanks to a unifying language.

Matter: the universal home automation protocol is advancing!

Well known for its products using the ZigBee protocol, Lumi United Technology Co. got involved very early on in the project and the working group, wishing to deploy the standard as soon as possible across its entire Aqara range, and today promises us 'what its most recent gateways will receive an update soon.

Matter update of Aqara Hub M2 and M1S

First of all, Aqara will integrate Matter on existing gateways via a software update (OTA). Aqara Hub M2 et M1S are concerned and will also allow to update certain associated devices, called "child devices" or "child devices", provided they are supported in the specification. Subsequently, the company will of course design its new products to be compatible with the universal standard.

As for the availability date, it obviously depends on the official launch of the standard, now scheduled for first semester 2022, Matter running a little late due to a much wider membership than expected. Either way, if you own or plan to acquire a branded hub, you can be sure that they will support the new specification as soon as it is officially released. Great news!

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