Masonite M-Pwr: a connected door with Ring and Yale integration

The first door with an integrated Ring video doorbell and Yale smart lock!

In addition to other innovations related to the connected home, CES 2022 was the opportunity to discover the first all-in-one connected door. The result of a partnership with Ring and Yale, the Masonite m-pwr Smart By organizing has the particularity of integrating a video doorbell, a connected lock, but also sensors, lights and even a battery. An original concept that the American door manufacturer had discreetly announced last year and which will initially be reserved for the new construction market ...

Masonite m-pwr Smart Door: a truly connected front door

The result of an interesting collaboration with Ring and Yale, the Masonite m-pwr Smart By organizing is undoubtedly the first connected door integrating all the home automation necessary to secure its landing.

Made of fiberglass and available in a wide variety of styles, this front door incorporates a contact sensor, for an movement detector PIR type, led lights placed in its doorframe, but also a video doorbell Ring Door View Cam with its optical peephole and its very useful strike detector, the connected lock Yale Assure Lock working over Wi-Fi, and even a backup battery.

Ring Door View Cam test: a connected doorbell to replace your peephole

Indeed, if this front door requires a mains power supply, a weighty argument which dispenses with having to regularly recharge each of the security elements, a backup system will allow it to continue operating in the event of a power cut. Those who are most worried will therefore not have to fear that an ill-intentioned person will cut off the power and be able to override the various integrated security systems.

Very good point to emphasize, all the elements - with the exception of the power cables - are upgradeable, which makes it possible to upgrade the door with new systems without having to replace it. "The components are replaceable by the owner"says Cory Sorice, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Masonite International. “The door will last decades, but the technology won't, so it's designed to upgrade over time. "

Likewise, Masonite does not intend to lock his clients into an ecosystem. "If you want a Google Nest door, you can have it" specifies the manager who understands that his new product should not only be of interest to users ofAlexa.

One door but three applications ...

Controllable from its home application, the connected door Masonite m-pwr however requires the applications Ring Always Home to view the camera feed and Yale Access in order to be able to share access keys. It's a bit the big flaw in this concept At this point, we have to admit it, but the American company should easily be able to simplify the use of its product in the future. Indeed, if you are a user, you will know that the Ring application already allows you to directly manage certain Yale Z-Wave locks and that it is possible to consult the flow of connected doorbells from the subsidiary of 'Amazon on other systems such as home automation boxes.

Masonite has plenty of time to develop its product anyway, as M-Pwr smart doors are currently only available for the construction of new homes. The first models are currently being deployed by Barringer Homes in North Carolina, with Cory Sorice promising that more partners will be announced this year and that his teams are working to make the product available. "In the renovation market within one to two years". To be continued.

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