Lidl launches its connected thermostat for SilverCrest radiator

Many of you have thrown yourself again, last week, on the Livarno Lux connected bulbs and the ZigBee gateway of Lidl stores. After a convincing connected lighting range, the hard discount brand does not intend to stop there in the growing connected home market and is developing its offer Lidl Smart Home with new products, including an interesting connected thermostat for SilverCrest radiator.

A SilverCrest connected thermostatic head at Lidl

Offered under the name of radiator thermostat Smart Home SilverCrest, this new home automation device from Lidl is nothing other than a thermostatic head. Connected, of course, since it uses the ZigBee 3.0 protocol to communicate with the SilverCrest home automation gateway, or any other compatible system such as Tuya / Smart Life or ZigBee2MQTT.

Featuring an LCD screen and three buttons, the SilverCrest thermostat offers manual or automatic radiator switching directly on the thermostatic head, remotely via the Lidl Home app or by voice with Google Assistant. Once again, the compatibility Alexa is not appropriate with the brand's gateway, but could quite possibly be considered via other platforms.

Functional level, the Lidl Home application allows you to choose between 5 heating modes (manual, automatic, vacation, eco, comfort) in addition to the traditional frost protection and define 9 heating periods adjustable per day. Child safety mode and open window detection are also offered.

Finally, concerning the installation, Lidl provides many adapters which will allow the SilverCrest thermostat to be installed on most radiators on the market: 3 adapters for Danfos valves (RA / RAV / RAVL), 1 tappet extension and 1 M4x12 mm cylindrical head screw with M4 nut, as well as two rings of 'spacing (0,5 mm, 1 mm).

Running on 2 classic AA batteries, the SilverCrest radiator thermostat will soon be available on at the price only 24.99 euros. A very aggressive price that we can not wait to see displayed on the shelves of French stores for which no date has yet been put forward by the German brand.
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