Lidl Home is back in force with its ZigBee home automation

When she arrived in France a year ago, the home automation solution Lidl Home made a real splash. Despite a few other appearances, the ZigBee SilverCrest gateway and Livarnox Lux connected bulbs have since been very difficult to obtain in the brand's French stores. To your delight, the hard discounter is back next week with a new Lidl operation Smart Home from the 24 February 2022.

Silvercrest: the low-cost ZigBee home automation gateway!

With its ZigBee 3.0 protocol, the SilverCrest home automation gateway is an interesting choice if you embark on the automation with voice assistants Alexa or Google Assistant. Offering low latency and low power consumption, this non-proprietary hub very simply connects to the network via a Ethernet port RJ45 and becomes the center of your smart home.

Operating thanks to the platform Tuya / Smart Life, the SilverCrest home automation gateway is a good choice if you don't have a ZigBee hub yet and you use Google Home. Indeed, its use with Amazon Alexa is less obvious, but not impossible nonetheless.

Lidl Home: our opinion on the SilverCrest home automation gateway

Livarno Lux: a convincing connected lighting range

But it is above all the range of connected bulbs, LED ribbons and connected sockets under the Livarno Lux brand that won us over last year.

The Lidl Home catalog

As usual, the brand does not guarantee their availability, stating that the home automation Lidl Home is still available in limited quantities for an equally limited time. Hurry up, there won't be enough for everyone… 😉

Here is the catalog page for the week of February 24, 2022:

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