Lidl Home: -30% on home automation on July 15th!

The least we can is that the home automation solution Lidl Home was a hit when it was released in France on February 1. Despite a second appearance a month later, the Livarnox Lux connected bulbs and the starter set with the ZigBee SilverCrest gateway were, since, almost impossible to obtain in the stores of the sign. For your greatest happiness, the hard discounter returns for the third time this year with -30% off their starter set on July 15...

The Livarno Lux starter set at only 34.99 €!

Le starter kit Livarno Lux, or starter set in French, is a wise choice if you embark on the automation ZigBee with voice assistants Alexa or even Google Assistant.

Indeed, this protocol has many advantages and has absolutely nothing to envy to Wi-Fi connected objects. Operating thanks to the platform Tuya / Smart Life, the SilverCrest home automation gateway is a good choice if you do not yet have a ZigBee hub and are using Google Home. Indeed, its use with Amazon Alexa is less obvious, but not impossible nonetheless.

Lidl offers 5 connected objects in its starter set:

Usually offered at the already very competitive price of 49.99 €, the Livarno Lux starter set will be offered at only 34.99 € Thursday July 15th, be one -30% reduction… We can only advise you to take a look at Lidl, if only for their bulbs only, of which you will find the complete tests below.


Our Livarno Lux and Lidl Home tests

We tested almost all of the Lidl home automation offered at the beginning of the year and, we must admit that we were rather convinced, in particular the E27 bulbs ...

Livarno Lux E27: the ZigBee bulb from Lidl
Lidl Home: our opinion on the SilverCrest home automation gateway
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