Matter and Thread soon on the Google Nest range

The announcement went a bit unnoticed, but it's still important to Google Home users. The Mountain View firm has indeed taken advantage of its annual conference to confirm that its Nest connected speakers will become matter controllers. As for the Nest Hub displays and the Nest Wi-Fi mesh system, they will even be able to act as Thread Border Routers. We explain to you.

The Nest range will be compatible with Matter

A few months after the announcement by Amazon of the care of Thread and Matter on Amazon Echo and eero Wi-Fi routers, Google I/O was an opportunity for the web giant to confirm the arrival, by the end of the year if all goes well, of the new Matter home automation standard. An update that will allow all these devices to become Matter controllers.

But what is it, then ? A Matter Controller is a control device used to pair and remotely control Matter accessories over a network by interacting with it using Bluetooth LE and regular IPv6 communication. In other words, the entire Google Nest range can be used to pair and use an accessory stamped Matter. What devilishly simplify our home automation uses!

Matter: the home automation standard postponed to fall 2022

Nest Wi-Fi and Nest Hub will be in addition to Thread Border Routers

And that's not all. Indeed, Google has clarified that its Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and Nest Wi-Fi will go further with support for the Thread protocol as a Border Router.

Un Thread Border Router is a device for connecting a Thread network. This technology of low power mesh network is designed specifically for home automation applications. It is an IPv6-based standard that uses the 6LoWPAN technology on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol.

Interestingly, Thread allows other protocols such as Bluetooth LE or ZigBee to be used in parallel, which will make Nest Hub and Nest Wi-Fi leading allies in our connected homes.

Matter compatible Nest speakers

Which Google Nest speakers will be Matter compatible? Well, it's simple, they all will be!


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