The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker with Google Assistant is available!

In June, we presented the first images of the XiaoAI Art Speaker, the new connected speaker from Xiaomi integrating the home assistant on the Asian market, but also Google Assistant in its international version. Fame Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker in this “Global Version”, the speaker is now available on several Chinese e-commerce sites for around € 60 to € 80.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker Global Version with Google Assistant

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker Global is available in Europe and FranceWith a AmLogic A113 SoC processor ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core, the new speaker Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker measures approximately 15 cm high for 850 grams and contains a loud speaker full range 2.5 inches developing 12 watts. It's not much, but where it gets interesting is that it is possible to create a stereo pair, which we can only advise you.

Equipped two microphones called "Far field" in order to place your Google Assistant commands, a pairing will also allow you to be perfectly heard everywhere in a room if you want to control your music without having to press the sensitive buttons on the top of the speaker.

Connectivity level, in addition to the essential Wi-Fi which also allows you to use a Chromecast built-in, Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is obviously endowed with Bluetooth in version 4.2 so you can play music from all your devices.

Already available at around 60 to 80 €, the connected speaker Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker should undoubtedly be a big hit with ecosystem users Google Home in France.

Be careful, check that it is a so-called "Global" version before buying!


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