The compatible Netatmo video doorbell Alexa and Google Assistant

Released at the end of the year, the Netatmo video doorbell certainly shone with its pleasant design and its local operation, but its high price and its only compatibility with HomeKit left us skeptical about the strategy of the French company. Indeed, although it boasts many users in France, we could only see that the owners of Nest Hub or Echo Show were more willingly, and rightly, turning to the American competition. It must be said that benefiting from a display on its connected screens is a more than practical feature, not to say essential. The good news of the day is therefore the announcement, by Netatmo, of the compatibility of its product with the main voice assistants!

Netatmo: a truly compatible doorbell Alexa

Apart from Ring Video Doorbells, most video doorbells are generally only partially compatible. Alexa, content to display the video stream as simple cameras. The fans of the French brand and the assistantAmazon will be delighted to learn that the Netatmo video doorbell goes further and puts itself at Ring level, allowing on the one hand to see in real time what is happening in front of your home, but also automatically emitting audio and visual notifications. Then just say « Alexa, answer the doorbell " to see the flow displayed on a connected screen Echo Show 10. We do not yet know if it will allow an automatic display like the Ring 3 for example, but this is very likely since it also benefits from a Fire TV compatibility.

Google Assistant too!

Google Assistant users are not left out since the Netatmo video doorbell is also compatible with Google Home. If someone rings your doorbell, the Assistant will alert you on your smart speakers Nest Mini or Nest audio, but it will be even better with a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max which will be able to broadcast the live video stream. With a simple voice command ("OK Google, show me the doorbell"), you will now be able to see what is happening on your landing!

Still HomeKit compatible

Compatible with HomeKit since its launch, the Netatmo doorbell also allows users of Apple's home automation environment to create personalized scenarios and access by voice to images filmed live by its Smart Video Doorbell. You can ask Siri to show you your landing to find out what's going on in front of your door by saying "Hey Siri, show me the doorbell".

A video doorbell not really given ...

The price remains! Although its design is particularly successful in our opinion, the Netatmo video doorbell is not given since offered at € 299 on Amazon. Fr. However, we must take into account an important parameter which should attract more than one user: the local storage on microSD card and therefore theno subscription to view videos which, on the other hand, will obviously not be secure in the cloud.

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