Konyks Termo takes the measure of your connected home

Among the French brands we love, Konyks has always had a special place. It must be said that the Toulouse company has a knack for offering us products that are essential for our connected homes. In this, the new Konyks Termo is no exception to the rule and promises to measure temperature and humidity in all rooms of the house.

Konyks Termo: a connected thermometer compatible with voice assistants

After a very effective Konyks eCozy last year, Apinov returned to the field of thermal comfort with the new Konyks Termo, a thermometer and hygrometer connected via Wi-Fi to your home network and compatible with the platform Tuya / Smart Life, which makes it possible to control it very simply from the brand's Android or iOS application. It also indicates the humidity level, an important data for our well-being at home.

Although it has a large, easy-to-read LCD display, you can obviously also count on Alexa, Google Home or Siri shortcuts and ask your favorite voice assistant for the ambient temperature, or even create routines to automate your various connected objects.

A wireless Wi-Fi thermometer

Independent of any energy source, the Konyks Termo is powered by three AA batteries 1.5V for a autonomy between 4 to 6 months at the rate of 20 trips per day. This allows it to be quickly moved from one place to another, wherever you need it.

There are indeed many uses for Termo and it can help you to maintain an ideal temperature in the baby's room at night, at trigger your air humidifier when the air becomes too dry in the living room, receive an alert if the temperature in your refrigerator is too high, or follow the temperature as the hygrometry from your wine cellar. In short, you will understand, the possibilities are endless with these connected thermometers.

Another example, you can automate your radiator controlled by the controller of your radiator so that it turns on automatically if the temperature drops too much in another area of ​​the room. The temperature of a room is rarely uniform, Termo becomes the perfect ally of eCosy!

Konyks eCosy: control your radiators over Wi-Fi!
Available today on the brand's official website and on Amazon.fr, the Konyks Termo is priced at 34.90 €. As usual, the French brand offers a sliding scale according to the number of products added to your basket.
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