Jeedom celebrates Halloween in ZigBee

Forget your Wi-Fi, switch to ZigBee, it's deadly! Locally, it's even better and it will make your life easier, believe us. To do this, today we are offering you a terrifying Halloween offer on the 100% local Jeedom Atlas home automation box. In addition to being local, the solution is also from our region. Made in France, cocorico!

Fall in price on Jeedom Atlas for Halloween

We recently presented it to you from the inside out, the new Jeedom Atlas home automation box has more than one trump card up its sleeve. Much more powerful than a Raspberry Pi, the fourth generation of the box plug and play of the Lyon-based company has a powerful hardware with, in particular, a 32 GB eMMC storage which offers great stability to the optimized version of Jeedom that she integrates. With a integrated ZigBee gateway equipped with a high gain antenna, it is a perfect solution to get started in a 100% local ZigBee home automation.

Although only recently released, the Jeedom Atlas ZigBee box is this weekend at 211.50 € onlyEither 10% discount. A Domadoo exclusivity!
Jeedom Atlas test: the plug and play box that simplifies home automation

JEEDOM - Jeedom Atlas Zigbee home automation controller

June 3, 2022 0:52 a.m.

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