Jeedom Atlas: a concentrate of technology for your home automation

Jeedom launches its new plug & play home automation box

The French publisher of the essential home automation software Jeedom today launches a new high-performance, compact and above all reliable home automation box. Named Jeedom atlas, this new titan of the connected home promises us unparalleled ease of use with particularly powerful hardware and software optimized for it. Newly arrived in our lab, here is all there is to know while waiting for his full test ...

Jeedom Atlas: the power of a plug & play home automation box

If most Jeedom users use the very practical Raspberry Pi, the solution is not really plug & play and can be a barrier to adoption for many people. This is why the software publisher today unveils a fourth generation of its consumer model, Jeedom atlas, a home automation box reduced to a minimum but eager to offer you the maximum.

Like the hesiodic titan who carried the world on his back, Jeedom atlas can support your entire connected home thanks to a powerful hardware allowing you to very quickly deploy a fast, reliable and durable home automation system in time.

Indeed, the home automation box has a six-core processor composed of a dual-core Arm Cortex-A72 64-bit clocked at 2.0GHz associated with a quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 64-bit of 1.5GHz. Memory level, it is not less than 4 GB DDR4 RAM as well as an interesting 32 GB eMMC storage which will make your home automation more reliable and ensure continuity of service.

Regarding connectivity, in addition to Gigabit Ethernet port, a chip Dual-band WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0, Jeedom Atlas natively integrates the home automation protocol of your choice: ZigBee, Z-Wave or EnOcean. A choice to be made at the time of purchase that will allow you to ensure perfect stability of your main protocol thanks to a high gain antenna and perfect integration, although it is obviously possible to use other gateways thanks to the 2 2.0 USB ports et 2 3.0 USB ports. Supplied with 5V / 3A via a USB-C socket, the system is also equipped with a RTC stack allowing it to keep in memory the basic information essential to its proper functioning.

The home automation box Jeedom Atlas is offered at price of 235 € at Domadoo. A price that may seem high but which, given the power of the hardware and its scalability, is actually quite reasonable. Especially since it includes small bonuses ...

A Power Service Pack and several plugins included

Offering an optimized, preinstalled and configured version of its software, the home automation box Jeedom Atlas is supplied with a Power Service Pack worth 50 € giving you free access to several plugins from the Jeedom Market, but also to the VPN / DSN service without subscription (see Service Pack on Official website).

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