Iopool EcO: monitoring your pool at a lower cost

We presented to you in test, a few weeks ago, the water analyzer Ondilo ICO for swimming pools and spas. The latter is really very good, but its price of almost 400 € may put off some.

so here's EcO from Iopool, more affordable (199 €) and also allowing it to intelligently monitor the water in your pool or spa, and soon systems treated with bromine. This is the new version that the Alexians will be testing for you soon. And with a name like that, we can only be interested.


iopool: connected pool analyzer!Created in 2018 in Belgium by Romain Trigaux, a young engineer from Liège, the company iopool is located in the Sart-Tilman science park, in Liège, capital of the province of the same name. The young company employs 5 people and is surrounded by many partners. Their goal is to help homeowners manage the water in their pool and spa themselves, as well as becoming the benchmark company that makes life easier for its customers. It is with pleasure that Les Alexiens, through this article, makes you discover this very young company and their unique product.

The iopool EcO analyzer: small but strong

iopool EcO: swimming pool analyzer probe It is the probe of connected pool cheapest on the market, the aim of the brand being to make intelligent monitoring of swimming pools and spas to everyone.

The probe iopool EcO is connected to your phone in Bluetooth and will make analyzes every 15 minutes in order to bring them back to you directly for a more precise piloting of your water.

Iopool EcO has 3 sensors:

  • Water temperature,
  • Disinfection capacity, therefore the fact that your water is healthy or qualitatively good, thanks to the Redox capacity,
  • water pH the pool or spa.

Compatible with any type of pool, except salt pools, EcO is the smallest connected water analyzer from the market (22cm high and 5 in diameter) for 150 grams. The goal is to be able to put it skimmer or allow it to stay in the water even if the pool or spa is automatically covered.

La swimming pool probe is advertised for a lifetime of the 2 year battery, which is also the time of the life of the sensors, which must therefore be changed regularly.

In terms of use, you can configure your application at will by choosing your type of equipment (Pool or Spa), size, shape, type of maintenance (vacuum cleaner, landing net), location, etc.

These different settings will allow the application to alert you if you need to add pH + or pH -, disinfection product...

Note, the brand works in collaboration with the CEBEDEAU university research center in Liège, specializing in water management, for the creation of its cleaning products. THE'iopool app was created to be usable with the different products of the brand because the user will know which one to use (color codes), when and in what quantity (spoon provided). The procedure to follow is animated on the screen of the smartphone, step by step, that you will have to validate in order to create a history of treatments and measurements.

You can find the probe sold in two types of pack:

The EcO Start pack:

EcO Start is a pack containing the “EcO” water analyzer, a unlimited access to the Iopool application and maintenance products to start up your connected water analyzer without delay (1 kg of pH +, 1,5 kg of pH- and 1 kg of shock product in agreement with your swimming pool (Chlorine in general).

It's the most affordable starter pack at 199 €. It is possible to order a Wi-Fi relay from the brand if the swimming pool or the Spa is too far from the house.

The EcO Year pack:

It is a special pack because it is an annual service and a "comfort" offer which guarantees a home delivery of cleaning products for the year, in addition to the analyzer, as well as the application and personalized advice for the maintenance of your water. It is available from € 449.

We therefore look forward to the iopool EcO probe test within a few weeks, when the new version allowing to follow the bromine water treatments will be available. In principle, the introduction is very interesting with a price much lower than its competitors, while including maintenance products and allowing a follow-up more or less identical to that of competing probes (except for the dissolved solids rate). which is missing). The 2-year battery life is also a big advantage, but replacing the sensors during the same period should be taken into consideration. We will present you all this in detail in a while!
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