Innr: two new Philips Hue compatible ZigBee switches

Innr, specialist in the connected lighting market, today presents two new ZigBee switches capable of controlling your ZigBee and Wi-Fi bulbs. Two wireless and therefore nomadic products, which you can easily snap anywhere or place on a wall plate instead of your traditional switches.

Innr Smart Button: a button switch with a contemporary design

Like the Philips Hue Smart Button, the almost eponymous Innr Smart Button is a smart button powered by the now well-known ZigBee home automation protocol. So you won't be surprised to learn that it only requires a simple CR2032 battery to work. Benefiting from a very sleek modern design, it can be placed on its plate dedicated to the European format, or magnetized wherever you want. It's up to you.

Ce connected button allows you to control smart bulbs of your choice: all the lights in a room, those in a predefined group, or just one. One click and they turn on, another and they turn off, a long press and you adjust the brightness… In combination with the Innr Bridge and the home app, you can save five of your favorite routines and switch between them very easily. to each other with a double click.

The Dutch company specifies that its Innr Smart Button allows you to control your ZigBee bulbs as well as your Wi-Fi, on the condition of obviously using the brand's bridge. In addition, the device is compatible with Philips Hue bridge, but does not work neither with Hue Sync nor Apple HomeKit. It remains to be seen which other ecosystems will be compatible with, but it's a safe bet that things will settle down with the arrival of the Matter standard ...

ZigBee button switch Innr Smart Button is offered at € 19,99 on the brand's website and will soon be available on other online sales sites.

Innr Remote Control: 5-button ZigBee remote control

The second product, Innr Remote Control, is none other than ZigBee remote control with 5 buttons. It allows you to operate your Innr WiFi connected lamps like ZigBee, on the condition here also of remaining on the brand's ecosystem.

The Innr remote control allows, for example, to dim the lamps with its arrow "down" or, on the contrary, increase brightness with its "up" arrow. By holding down the left and right ones, you can easily choose the color temperature that suits your mood at the moment. Finally, it presents a on / off switch at its center.

Like the Smart Button above, Innr Remote Control allows you to configure five favorite routines and control them with your fingertips, whether with the Innr Bridge or the Philips Hue Bridge. Here too, no Hue Sync or HomeKit compatibility.

The ZigBee remote control Innr Remote Control is also available at € 19,99 on the brand's website and will soon be available on other online sales sites.
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