Test Live my life with Alexa or how to pass James Bond for a dancer

Many hesitate to take the plunge and ask themselves questions:Alexa will serve me? In what ? How? 'Or' What ? Why ? Who am I, where am I going, in what state do I wander (the one in the middle?)? The editorial staff of the Alexiens has therefore decided to help you see more clearly about everyday life with the connected speaker. Alexa. Indeed, it's been almost a year that we use it daily and we think we can paint you a representative picture.

Prerequisites :

Before starting to live my life, it is important to note that a certain number of prerequisites in terms of equipment to fully benefit fromAlexa and understand what will follow. Here is a non-exhaustive list, but almost:

  • A connected speaker : Yes, that helps a lot. It's up to you to choose between the Spot, the Dot, the Echo… Personally, this live my life was made with the Dot 2, the Dot 3, 2 Echo 2nd gen and a spot.
  • Connected bulbs: It will be one of your first purchases. It's up to you to choose between multicolored bulbs and white ones, those working with a bridge or autonomous ones. Count between 15 and 25 € per unit. You can also replace them with switches, less expensive, and suitable for ceiling lights.
  • Connected sockets: here again, a necessary step to equip yourself to control a few devices such as computers, TV, bedside lamps… There are very simple ones, others that follow the electrical consumption or even multiple surge protection sockets. Price between 10 and 60 €. Again, a switch can do the trick.
  • Miscellaneous: Well there, it's vast: connected thermostats, weather Channel, essential oil diffuser,… Prices range from 20 to 200 € or even more.

Life with Alexa or everyday connectivity:

It's 7am, my routine Echo Spot kicks in and pulls me out of my torpor with “Love You” by Free Design. At the end of the music, I ask with my beautiful voice to wake up « Alexa, light up the room ". And the light is. I get up to open the rolling shutters, cursing myself for not having a voice control system yet.

After the usual things and ablutions, head to the kitchen. « Alexa, turn on the kitchen ” I asked her on the way ... "And also the coffee maker" as long as she still listens to me with her new active listening mode. Being a little cold, I inquired of her « Alexa, what is the temperature in the house? ". 19,5 ° C, she said to me… Nothing abnormal then… Will I be a little cacochyme? If in doubt, I ask him for the hours of the doctor's office, just in case. "The medical office opens at 8:30 am" she replies. Ok, to see ...

I hear the children getting up and asking Alexa turn on their lights and turn off the light strip which serves as a night light in the hallway at night (and as a signal for getting up on weekends with the routine that goes well). And then then « Alexa, turn on the TV socket… and the dining room ”.

It's time to take everyone to school, rushed, as usual: « Alexa, turn everything off ”. Pouf, no more TV, lamp, coffee maker ...
Back to the office. « Alexa, turn on the computer and the office light ». And let's go to work… but a distraction is necessary. « Alexa, what are the news? ". And here is 20 min of daily flash various and varied that I chose myself with the skills of the store. And a zen moment won't hurt me: « Alexa, turn on the diffuser ". I let myself be overwhelmed by the sweet smell of sweet orange (citrus arurantium of its little name). The hours go by whileAlexa play my favorite radio station on Tune In.

Mealtime arrives, I take this opportunity to ask him the outside temperature, theHR and air quality thanks to my Netatmo. As well as the weather for the day and for 5 days because it is not bright today. A quick tour of the kitchen to find out what I can do with the leftovers from the fridge. Moreover, the fridge is a little too cold and therefore consumes for nothing, I take this opportunity to increase it by one degree.

Back to work with as background, the best tracks of Queen and a station thatAlexa chose me based on my preferences (« Alexa, I want to listen to music ").

An appointment awaits me, « Alexa, how long does it take to go to Bordeaux » ? "Due to the traffic, it takes 45 minutes ..." Ah yes, still, good must go. « Alexa, turn everything off ”.

Back home, it's already a little dark, I take this opportunity from the phone to ask Alexa to light the hallway before my arrival and to know the temperature in the house. Moreover, when the children return, Alexa also comes alive: « Alexa, tell me a joke ", "Play me some music (rotten of course)", "Do the goat"... the best time is when they ask « Alexa, light the tree! " even if the older one prefers "Turn on the console". For homework, it helps if there is internet research to do.

After supper, the kids go to bed. They are used to their Dots: « Alexa, light up the room… and the blindfold ”. For the smallest: « Alexa, turn on the night light and put on a nursery rhyme station ». For the biggest… well I don't know.

Back to the living room where I ask « Alexa, turns on the living room light in salmon, at 10% ". Not much on TV… I tell myself that I should invest in a broadlink one of these days… But hey, changing channels with the remote control, it's still going well, even if it becomes a bit has-been… Before the lights go out, I ask Alexa "Spot" to open the Preacher series on Prime Video. The screen is small but it's handy for sleeping and falling asleep to start a new connected day.

Here, once again the Alexiens have tried to make you an article in immersion by giving of their person and aiming to help the undecided to take the plunge. See what we can do with it. SF is already here!

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!