Home Assistant is enriched with a Wear OS application

The team in charge of the development of Home Assistant, the most popular open source home automation application at the moment, has just announced the availability of a new Home Assistant app for Wear OS. Still in beta, this companion app lets you control your connected home from your wrist without having to open your Android app or call your voice assistant.

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Your Home Assistant home automation available on Wear OS

It's in a short announcement made on the official blog that we had the excellent surprise of discovering a new Home Assistant app for Wear OS. Although still in beta for several months, the app is nonetheless "Ready for use in its current state" according to the developers who point out, however, to have "Still work to do and some of the underlying libraries used have not yet received a stable version".

The Home Assistant app for Wear OS provides quick flip-flops for your favorite devices. You can select up to 7 of your favorite entities. Everything is of course customizable using MDI icons. The development team also recommends their use to easily distinguish your entities. "Because the default will make it difficult to distinguish when you have 2 lights side by side." "

To test the application on your connected watch, simply visit the Play Store and become a beta tester, then download the app, but keep in mind that this solution is not yet considered stable and that its implementation will surely require some effort.

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