Google is preparing a new Android Auto interface

LikeAmazon who recently announced a historic agreement with Stellantis aroundAlexa, Google is also relying heavily on the connected car with Android Auto. The embedded operating system should also soon receive a major update with, in particular, a new interface.

A new, more practical interface for Android Auto

With its split screen, the new Android Auto interface is reminiscent of the latest version of Apple CarPlay. Spotted by Android World, the version with the code name “Coolwalk” indeed offers a new design characterized by a gray background with a new button allowing to display two tabs in superposition. A widget allows you to see notifications and another to control the media player, while leaving 2/3 of the navigation map on the screen.

The icon of application launcher has also been moved from right to left, and the status bar at the top of the screen disappears, with signal strength, battery and time information now housed in the lower corner of the interface. An "Answer calls with text" button also makes an appearance and should allow you to send predefined messages or dictate a response if you receive a call while driving. As for Google Assistant, it does not seem to have received any improvement for the moment, its display remaining the same as on Android Auto 6.9.

As the Italian site points out, this new design however, is far from complete and required manipulation of the database to access it. Many things therefore do not work yet, but three new backgrounds (Drizzle, Spoke and Twilight) are still worth noting with the possibility of modifying the display according to the location of the driver's seat. Will the Mountain View giant finally allow us to customize Android Auto ?

Google Cast on Android Auto?

Another interesting novelty noted by a user of Reddit, a feature Google Cast could also make an appearance in the next versions of Android Auto.

Comme Amazon with its Fire TV for the car, Google's intention could be to offer a new in-car entertainment experience by allowing users to play media via the screen of their car during a break to recharge it, for example. It could also be a way for passengers to share their music from their smartphones ...

Fire TV is installed in our cars
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