Geekbuying makes a tornado of promotions for 11.11

Geekbuying is no exception and now offers promotions on the occasion of Singles Day, a sort of Chinese-style Black Friday with some of the lowest prices.

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Over $ 40 off $ 5: 21GKB11SA1

Roidmi Eve Plus: one of the robots of the year

Vacuum cleaners 2 1 en it's good. When they have a waste collector, it's even better. And if in addition they are compatible with our voice assistants, that's the best! Well the Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus tick all of these boxes.

Elegant in white, its 4th generation LDS will be able to perform a precise mapping of your floors. After that, you can send him to one or more areas, or even ban others to do the cleaning chore for you.

Our opinion on the Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum

Equipped with numerous (18) sensors anti fall, infrared, anti-collision, it will avoid all obstacles or fall down a staircase. Provided with 2 side brushes which brings the dust back to the central brush, it is contained in a ferry with a capacity of 300 mL and a second for dust and washing acting as a 2 in 1 with a capacity of 300ml + 250ml for the water tank. If the dust bin looks small, that doesn't really matter since it also has a docking station with which the waste collector is included.

Finally, its battery of 5200mAh allow him up to 250 min of autonomy depending on the suction method.

Usually offered at 338.63 €, you can acquire the VIOMI SE at 380.59 € only on Geekbuying using the code 21GKB11SA3. An excellent deal for this robot which has fully convinced us which is among our favorites of the year 2020!
Roidmi Eve Plus: top quality / price ratio!

Jimmy JV85 Pro: performance at a reasonable price

The Jimmy JV85 Pro is a hit and one of the best cordless stick vacuums we've tested. Its performance is theoretically exceptional, making it the most powerful on the market with 200 AW, an air flow of 1,35 m3/ min and 25000 Pa suction for a reduced noise level. It overtakes its direct competitors without too much problem.

Shipping is design is also to be highlighted although this is largely due to its patented dual horizontal cyclone technology. It has all the accessories that it is possible to have even if the quality of some of them is not at the level of this product. A few extra touches like a storage bag or a second mode of loading would have been a plus. Even though the drain system could be revised, the daily use of the Jimmy is a real pleasure!

For less than these main competitors, and better, why hesitate to invest in the best quality / price ratio on the market ?

Usually offered at 338.63 €, you can acquire the Jimmy JV85 Pro at 250.93 € only on Geekbuying using the code JV85PRORU. An excellent deal for this robot which has fully convinced us which is among our favorites of the year 2020!
Jimmy JV85 Pro review: the most powerful of the stick vacuum cleaners?

Viomi SE: top of the range at a knockdown price

The vacuum robot VIOMI SE is probably one of the best value for money of the market. Offering powerful suction and a Y-mop washing mode, it benefits from millimeter navigation thanks to its laser rangefinder and is very easy to program using the Xiaomi Home application.

The VIOMI SE is equipped with a 200 mL water tank as well as a large 300 mL dust container. It can therefore both dust and mop your apartment. Practice !

On the navigation side, this VIOMI SE robot easily anticipates its trajectories, avoids the obstacles that are in its path. Just launch it and you won't even have to worry about it hitting the furniture since it will be able to respect the forbidden zones that you have defined to the nearest centimeter.

Usually offered at 338.63 €, you can acquire the VIOMI SE at 173.05 € only on Geekbuying using the code VIOMISEDF. An excellent deal for this robot which fully convinced us during its visit to our lab '!
Xiaomi VIOMI SE test: the 2-in-1 robot with the best quality / price ratio?

Viomi A9: the perfect complement to a robot

It is the complement of the robot vacuum cleaner. It goes where the robot cannot go: high areas or in narrow places. Lightweight with only 1.650 kg, the Viomi A9 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motorized brush, a mini-brush which is also motorized and perfect for sofas or mattresses, a crevice tool and a dust brush.

With three selectable powers on the touch screen placed on the handle, it delivers Max mode 23 Pa with 120AW suction power. His 60 min autonomy in Eco mode , 33 minutes in normal mode and 9 minutes in max mode is ensured by a battery of 8x 2000mAH who is recharges in 2.5 hours. 

Elegant, it is dressed in black and gray, all enhanced by a touch of turquoise green which highlights its cyclonic system with HEPA H12 filter which captures up to 99.9% of particles and allergens.

At the list price 299.99 €, you can acquire it on sale on Geekbuying at 121.13 € only using the code VIOMIA9DF a big discount. A great deal here too!
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