Proscenic range at -30% for Prime Day!

If you are a loyal reader, you are familiar with Proscenic, a brand founded in 1996 in Taiwan which offers many connected products compatible with voice assistants. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant at the forefront of which we find the 2 in 1 robot vacuum cleaners. On the occasion of Prime Days, you can take advantage of the following great discounts on the following models:


850T robot vacuum

Entry-level robot, the 2-in-1 robot vacuum Proscenic 850T nonetheless is complete in equipment since it is even equipped with'a remote control for those occasions when you don't want to command it by voice.

On the accessory side, you have supplies delivered in advance with 2 side brushes, a mop or even HEPA and foam filters. Always appreciable gesture.

The 850T is equipped with 2600mAh Lithium-ion battery give it a battery life of up to 120 min. This gives ample time for the robot to go everywhere to perform the chore of suction or washing since it has two bins, a 0.5 l dust container and a double 0.3 l water and 0.3 l dust container. The dust will not resist its beautiful suction power 3000 Pa.

Its management in the home application is very simple, there is no mapping to manage, replaced a magnetic strip to put on the ground to delimit the exclusion zones, and where it will be easy to select the desired function. among the four proposed. An ideal model for those who do not want to complicate their life in the settings.

Usually offered at € 239.00, the Proscenic 850T vacuum cleaner is available during Prime Days at a price of 167.30 € or 30% reduction and a saving of 71.70 €

M6 Pro Robot Vacuum


Boarding a laser rangefinder and IPNAS 3.0 technology allow him to store up to 5 cards and to define zones it is easy thereafter to indicate to him where he will have to work vocally, why not since he is compatible with Amarzon Alexa. If it happened that his autonomy 110 min supplied by its Li-ion battery of 3200 mAh does not allow him to finish his work, a return trip to his recharging station and he resumes his work. 2 in 1 robot it is equipped with 2 bins, one for 400 ml dust and a 2 in 1 300 ml bin for dust and 180 ml for water.

Usually offered at € 369.00, the Proscenic M6 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is available during Prime Days at a price of 258.30 € or 30% reduction and a saving of 110.70 €

M7 Pro Robot Vacuum

First model of the brand which has the dump station (sold separately) where the robot, in addition to coming to recharge, also comes to get rid of all its collected dust anda Lidar who will allow him to Proscenic M7 Pro de map parts, to save them so that it is then possible to send or exclude the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner from the designated area.

The robot's capacities: It is a battery of 5200mAh, rechargeable in 5 hours, which supplies the 2 in 1 robot vacuum, giving it an autonomy of 150 to 200 minutes depending on the power used which can go up to 2700 Pa in "powerful" mode. Equipped with 2 separate bins the dust bin of great capacity made 600ml while the water reservoir for washing it is only 100 ml.  It's up to you to select in the house application the chore that you entrust to it: vacuuming or washing. With its low height (9.3 cm) he will not refuse to go and carry out his mission under the furniture.

The Proscenic M7 Pro is also delivered as an accessory with its remote control but also a HEPA filter, two side brushes and 10 microfiber advance wipes but is obviously compatible with voice assistant Amazon Alexa


Usually offered at € 399, the Proscenic M7 Pro vacuum cleaner is available during Prime Days at a price of 264.54 € or 34% reduction and a saving of 134.46 €
Updated: August 10, 2022 15:18 a.m.


M8 Pro Robot Vacuum

The latest addition to the Taiwanese brand, the Proscenic M8 Pro is also a model equipped with a dump station included here. No need to empty it manually after each use. It manages itself, finally according to your parameters and empties the dust bin with a capacity of 280 ml after each pass or every two or three uses or never, if you prefer to press the button on the station yourself. Here a single 2 in 1 bin. The side water reservoir with a large capacity of 300ml will be able without difficulty to make several passages in a in in Y that only he knows how to practice and according to one of the four regulated water flow.

Shipping is autonomy to 250 min is due to its battery of 5200mAh who is recharges in 5 hours. 

In aspiration it is three levels which are available: Eco with 800 Pa, Normal with 1500 Pa and Hyperdrive with 2700Pa, the maximum that it can reach and an Off function that allows washing without suction.

His system Laser Smart Browsing 8.0 allows it to record up to 5 cards.  His weak height 9.8cm allows it to pass under the beds under the beds without difficulty to drive out the irritating dust that its HEPA filter will retain (including 1 provided in advance). And what does not spoil anything, it is recognized by the two voice assistants : Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Usually offered at € 549, the Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is available during the Prime Days at a price of 384.30 € or 30% reduction and a saving of 164.70 €
Updated: August 10, 2022 15:18 a.m.

Stick vacuum cleaner P10 pro


It is the complement of the robot vacuum cleaner. It goes where the robot cannot go: high areas or in narrow places. Lightweight with only 1.650 kg vacuum cleaner Proscenic P10 Pro is equipped with two motorized brushes, the main one for floors of course, but the second, smaller for mattresses or sofas. With three selectable powers on the touch screen placed on the handle, it delivers Max mode 23 Pa. Its autonomy is 55 min in Eco mode supplied by a battery of 8x 2000mAH who is recharges in 2.5 hours. 

Usually offered at € 199.00, the Proscenic P10 Pro upright vacuum cleaner is available during the Prime Days at a price of 139.30 € or 30% reduction and a saving of 59.70 €

A8 air purifier


The A8 purifier removes 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 µm thanks to its 4-in-1 filtration system: pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, activated carbon filter or even silver ion sterilization filter. The quality of the ambient air is reflected in a luminous display at the base of the device, simplified by a three-color code: green, yellow, red. This codification is also found on the in-house application

Usually offered at € 129.00, the Proscenic A8 air purifier is available during Prime Days at a price of 90.30 € or 30% reduction and a saving of 38.70 €

A9 air purifier


Not yet fully integrated with voice assistants, the air purifier Proscenic A9 offers four levels indicative of air quality: green, yellow, orange and red. The best result, green, a sign of good quality, is obtained after passing through the 4 in 1 filter which filters allergens, odors, bacteria or PM2 particles. Relatively modest in size with only 52 cm high and 26 on the side for 5 kg it can be moved at convenience. Its radius of action extends for an area of 90 M ² and to a power CADR of 460 m³ / h at max.

Usually offered at € 199.00, the Proscenic A9 air purifier is available during Prime Days at a price of 139.30 € or 30% reduction and a saving of 59.70 €
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