French Days: your connected home with Konyks

Konyks, French brand of connected objects compatible with voice assistants, participates this year again in the French Days and offers you to take advantage of discounts of up to -30% on its various items. If you want to start in the connected home or complete your home automation system, it's time to list what you need and place your orders!

These offers are valid until June 13, 2021 included. You can acquire them either on the official website be sure Amazon. Fr.

Antalya: connected light bulbs

The smart bulbs Konyks Antalya are trading at great prices this week! RGBW models that brighten up everyday life and can be installed in no time ...

Our advice: take them in a pack, it's less and we never have enough!
Antalya E14 Max bulb: with Konyks, home automation becomes Easy

Priska: the essential connected sockets

We tell you every time, the socket connected to Wi-Fi, this is the BA-BA of home automation! Single or multiple, they are legion and very accessible.

Our advice: the new Priska Max EU are compact, efficient, and include monitoring of power consumption! The Priska EU are perfect for getting started at a low price.
In stock
2 new from € 24,90
August 9, 2022 8:50 a.m.
Amazon. Fr
In stock
August 9, 2022 8:50 a.m.
Amazon. Fr
Not available
6 new from € 58,92
August 9, 2022 8:50 a.m.
Amazon. Fr
Konyks Priska EU: a very interesting first price!

Vollo: connect your roller shutters

Roller shutters are super practical, but they are even more connected. Thanks to the switches for roller shutters Konyks Vollo, you can control them from your application or even ask your voice assistant to open or close them. Open at daybreak, close at nightfall: creating routines has never been easier!
Konyks Vollo Max: the roller shutter switch that always does more!

Camini: the security camera at low prices

Safety is priceless, but on sale it's still better!

Senso, the opening detector

It is also an essential security element since it warns you in the event of an open door or window, but also a practical object because it allows lighting to be automated.
Konyks Senso: a Wi-Fi opening detector at a reasonable price
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