Echo Show 8 1st generation vs 2nd generation, which one to choose?

Echo Show 8 (1st gen.) Vs Echo Show 8 (2nd gen.)

Echo Show 8 (1st generation, 2019 model) | Display connected with Alexa | Keep in touch with help fromAlexa | Anthracite

Price on: July 5, 2022 21 h 12 min

While waiting for the release of the new Echo Show 15, maybe you plan to acquire another model: Echo Show 8. Problem, Amazon offers two versions of its screen connected to Alexa 8 inches ... The first generation, presented in September 2019 and arrived in France in February 2020, and the second generation appeared by surprise in June 2021. With a price difference of 20 euros, you are probably wondering which one to choose ...

We have come face to face Echo Show 8 (1st generation) et Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) for a match that promises to be tight! Indeed, as you will be able to see, the differences are fine, but they do exist ...

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Echo Show 8: the differences between the two generations

At first glance, the two models look very similar: 8-inch screens, identical resolutions of 1280 x 800 px, similar design… But we can still note some differences.


From a design point of view, it is true that the differences are not obvious since the difference will essentially be played out in the colors available:

  • Echo Show 8 1st generation is offered with a fabric sand or anthracite ;
  • Echo Show 8 2nd generation is available with a new fabric white or anthracite.
Difference 1 : the sand and white colors are very slightly different. The difference is explained by the fact thatAmazon plays the ecology card with its famous Climate Pledge and that the second generation of Echo Show 8 uses 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics. The appearance is therefore a little different, but no less elegant! Note, also, that the new version has a larger window for its camera, but we'll see why right away ...

The camera

La biggest difference concerns the camera. Echo Show 8 1st generation is equipped with a only 2 Mpx while Echo Show 8 2nd generation benefits from a new 13 Mpx sensor. This new camera brings a automatic framing which allows you to stay in the center of the image even as you move. A particularly valuable feature in videoconferencing.
Difference 2: the image quality is incomparable between the two generations. It's a bit like night and day. The new Echo Show 8 (2021) is designed for videoconferencing.


The third difference between Echo Show 8 1st gen. and Echo Show 8 2nd gen. is the hardware, the heart of the beast! The first generation has a processor MediaTek MT8163 while the second generation embeds a MediaTek MT8183.
Difference 3: newer and therefore more powerful, the new chip offers more responsiveness to the device and more fluidity when navigating on the screen, but also a better image processing of the camera.


On the connection side, there is a DC plug for the power supply and a micro-USB type A port, but Echo Show 8 1st generation benefited from a 3.5 mm mini-jack audio output which simply disappeared from the second generation. It seems that the majority of users did not use it, which is in fact our case, but it was useful to point out!

Difference 4: the new Echo Show 8 2nd generation no longer benefits from a 3.5 mm mini-jack output allowing it to be connected to a more powerful speaker. However, there is still the possibility of using Bluetooth!


In terms of functionality, we could tell you that these are exactly the same, the two generations offering the same possibilities and the same experience with Alexa… Nevertheless, a few small novelties should be noted.
Indeed, the new Echo Show 8 2nd gen. brings, in addition to the automatic brightness adjustment of the first generation, a adaptive colorimetry… Concretely, this means that your connected screen will change color depending on the ambient light. A deactivatable option, of course.
The other difference concerns the automatic framing mentioned above. Practical, the new camera allows automatic centering so that you are always visible on the screen ...
Finally, note that if Echo Show 8 (2021) could receive the new conversation mode with Alexa and an update for the new Matter home automation standard, which does not seem possible for the first generation because of a more timid hardware.
Difference 5: a few more small features, but an experience Alexa identical whatever the generation.


Last but not least, the Climate Pledge! If you watch TV, you've probably seen commercials forAmazon which has been involved, since last year, in ecology with a compensation of its emissions on the one hand, but also a eco-design of devices Amazon Echo and Fire TV.

Amazon Echo : low consumption mode and energy table on Alexa

Unlike the first generation, Echo Show 8 model 2021 benefits from the Climate Pledge Friendly label because :

  • 30% of plastics used come from post-consumer recycled plastics.
  • 100% of the fabric used comes from post-consumer recycled fabrics.
  • 100% aluminum used is recycled cast aluminum.
  • 98% of the packaging of this device is based on wood fiber and comes from responsibly managed forests or recycling channels.

In addition, with its wind and solar farms, Amazon undertakes to produce clean energy equivalent to the electricity used by its customers with this device. Finally, in order to reduce its energy consumption, Echo Show 8 switches to low consumption mode when it is inactive.

Difference 6: Echo Show 8 (2021) benefits from a much greener design and its environmental impact is offset by Amazon through clean energy production.

Echo Show 8: 2019 model or 2021 model?

Now that you know all about the differences between Echo Show 8 1st gen and Echo Show 8 2nd gen, you are able to choose for yourself!

Nevertheless, the difference of 20 euros on purchase may still make you hesitate, that's why we advise you to choose:

  1. Echo Show 8 model 2021 : if you plan to use it often for videoconferencing and the fight against global warming is important to you!
  2. Echo Show 8 model 2019 : If you don't use video calls and are on a tight budget.

For the rest, the other differences do not seem significant enough to us to direct you towards one or the other.

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