Echo Show 15: the release date revealed!

US release date: December 9, 2021!

Presented at the end of September by Amazon, the new screen connected with Alexa has caused a lot of ink to flow. If some already announced its release in December, so far it was only pure conjecture ... Always on the lookout forTopicality Alexa, The Alexians have however found you the Echo Show 15 official release date… In the United States, Canada and our British neighbors. When will it arrive in Europe?

Echo Show 15: the date of arrival of the tablet Alexa large format is advanced!

That's it, users ofAlexa in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom finally have a date: the release of the new Echo Show 15 is scheduled for December 9, 2021. Customers who have pre-ordered it will therefore receive it as of today and will be able to enjoy it without waiting for Christmas! What luck…!

And in Europe? No date has been advanced yet and the product sheet continues to display a sad "Soon available" in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Do we have a chance to be able to place it under our Christmas trees? If this seemed unlikely to us so far, it now seems possible ... Even if we are betting more on the first quarter of 2022.

Anyway, we can always indulge ourselves in sweet illusions and examine, once again, its technical sheet, to say the least, alluring ...

Echo Show 15 release: what to know about the wall shelf Alexa

Calling Echo Show 15 a wall shelf probably won't appeal to Amazon, but it doesn't matter because that's how the users we are have always seen it.

Indeed, with its screen 15,6 ″ Full HD, the new Echo Show 15 meet a need widely expressed by home automation users with Alexa to be able to control their connected home with finger, eye and voice.

Designed to be mounted on the wall or placed on a compatible support, in portrait or landscape orientation, Echo Show 15 aims to help us stay organized, connected and entertained. Equipped with a new processor Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge, it brings together everything families need on a beautiful display.

With more options and customization features, Echo Show 15 will be more attentive than ever to everyone by offering each member of the house a personalized experience and their own screen thanks to a facial id.

Kezako? Alexa will now be able to recognize you and personalize the information on the screen! After detecting you, the screen will automatically update to show you a personalized greeting, your personal reminders, the events of your calendar, songs you've recently listened to, or words left by other family members. For the most worried, note that your facial identifier will be encrypted and stored locally on the device, without ever being transmitted to the cloud ofAmazon. In addition, you can delete it at any time.

Discover Echo Show 15 | 15,6 "Full HD connected display for home organization with Alexa

249,99  In stock
Amazon. Fr
June 29, 2022 19:48 a.m.


  • Alexa still has a lot to show you: optimize the organization of your home and enjoy your entertainment thanks to the connected Full HD (1080p) 15,6 "screen and the 5 MP camera. You can position your device in portrait or countryside.
  • Organization at a glance: use widgets Alexa to keep your home organized with calendars, personal reminders, to-do and shopping lists, and reminders.
  • Keep an eye on everything: With Picture-in-Picture, view video from compatible cameras even when you're doing other things, such as looking at the front door camera while watching the news.
  • Entertainment galore: Watch your favorite content with Prime Video, Netflix, and more. You can also listen to radio stations, podcasts and audiobooks with Amazon Music, Spotify and Audible.
  • Your memories in full screen: With the Photo Frame feature, you can use Echo Show 15 to display your albums Amazon Photos.

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