Home automation: Matter lags a little behind

Universal home automation will wait until 2022

When it was announced last May of its creation, the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA) promised us the publication of a specification for a unified home automation standard from the end of 2021. An ambitious program with a tight schedule which, without too many surprises, will be slightly behind schedule.

The updated Matter timeline

If you counted on Matter this year, you might be disappointed! Indeed, the president of the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA) announced at the end of the week a Matter calendar update, the home automation specification is slightly behind schedule.

Matter: the universal home automation protocol is advancing!

In question? The enthusiasm aroused by this universal standard ! The list of members involved in the Matter working group having grown considerably following the announcement of the creation of the consortium last May, the CSA logically had no choice but to offer newcomers a little more time to give their opinion on a version "Pre-vote" technical specifications by the end of the year.

« We have updated these go-to-market plans to ensure that Matter's specification, certification and testing tools, and of course the SDK, are stable, deployable at scale, and meet market expectations for quality and interoperability »Declared Tobin Richardson, president of the CSA, which foresees the release of the SDK, the first certified devices and the opening of the certification program at first semester 2022.

Record progress!

If the most pessimistic will see it as the sign of a first failure, Tobin Richardson puts forward "Record progress to date" which show that “These companies understand how important Matter, as a unifying standard, is to consumers, industry and the world. " 

In more than 30 years, this is indeed the first time that such a membership around a universal standard for home automation meets the approval of the majority of market players. More 200 companies are now partners, which easily explains the difficulty of sticking to the schedule initially planned. But with Amazon, Apple, Google, Signify (Philips Hue), Ikea or even Somfy in its ranks, there is no doubt that the progress of the working group will be on the market very soon.

We are also waiting for the first certifications by the end of the year, Amazon having announced the assumption of responsibility for Matter on Amazon Echo from this year and Signify a Philips Hue hub update. Two excellent news of which we will obviously not fail to follow the developments ...

Amazon Echo : the Matter home automation standard available soon!
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