Deadly offers on ZigBee home automation for Halloween

The ZigBee is life and yet they are deadly offers that offers us Domadoo this weekend to celebrate Halloween. Already practicing among the best prices on the market for ZigBee home automation, the French company offers 25% additional discount on a large number of connected objects such as Aqara and Sonoff products, or even the brand new Jeedom Atlas home automation box in ZigBee version… Now is the time or never to take advantage of it!

Jeedom Atlas: the ZigBee home automation box

We recently presented it to you from the inside out, the new Jeedom Atlas home automation box has more than one trump card up its sleeve. Much more powerful than a Raspberry Pi, it also offers a optimized version of Jeedom and integrates a ZigBee gateway with high gain antenna. An ideal solution for a 100% local home automation.

The Jeedom Atlas test in video.

Jeedom Atlas test: the plug and play box that simplifies home automation

Aqara: a rich and powerful ZigBee range

If you read us regularly, you will know how much we are fans of Aqara home automation. Partner of the giant Xiaomi, the brand hides behind many of its products and in particular its famous ZigBee gateways. Today at -25%, you will inevitably find your happiness in this rich and miniaturized range to the extreme.

Aqara Hub: four gateways

Aqara offers no less than four home automation gateways on the European market. In addition to the fairly classic Hub M1S and M2, the Chinese brand has also developed two more original models: the Aqara Hub E1 in the form of a ZigBee dongle + WiFi repeater and the Aqara G2H camera which in addition to offering beautiful images allows you to associate many connected objects.

Aqara Hub M2 test: a complete home automation gateway

Super compact sensors!

Detecting movements, water leaks, openings in your doors and windows has never been so easy with the Aqara sensors. In mini format, they offer maximum efficiency and we quickly like to put them everywhere, believe us!

Aqara TVOC test: an air quality sensor in ZigBee 3.0

Switches and switches connected

In switch, wall or socket format, the connected switch is a must in our connected homes. And, as usual, the Chinese company has not done things by halves and offers many powerful models but also aesthetic as you can see in our Aqara H1 EU test or wireless remote controls Aqara Wireless Remote Switch H1.

Aqara H1 EU test: switches connected without neutral!

Sonoff also says yes to ZigBee

One of the most accessible brand on the market, Sonoff never disappoints, especially thanks to the ZigBee protocol that drives its latest range.

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