CyberDog: Xiaomi unveils a surprising robot dog ...

A robot dog for everyone?

Which fly has stung Xiaomi again? The Chinese high-tech giant has just unveiled, among other new features, a robot dog. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about a robot inspired by man's best friend. What can it be used for?

Xiaomi CyberDog: a pet dog robot!

After the robot vacuum cleaners, make way for robot dogs! After presenting its eagerly awaited Mix 4, the Chinese brand unveiled this afternoon a surprising dog-like robot. Designed byn association with Nvidia and Intel, this strange droid has neither more nor less than vocation to be a companion for us Men. So a robot dog.

Capable of running at a speed of 3.2 meters per second, or 11.52 km / h, the Xiaomi Cyber ​​Dog has four articulated legs and a very particular face which is reminiscent of certain breeds brachycephalic. If the dog robot does not really have a muzzle, it is however endowed with a digital vision based on a large number of cameras and sensors (GPS, tactile or even ultrasonic), enough to allow him to navigate anywhere, to avoid obstacles of the order of a centimeter, to interact with his human masters, and even to wear loads up to 3 kg !

“CyberDog can analyze its environment in real time, create navigation maps, plot its destination and avoid obstacles. Coupled with human posture and facial recognition tracking, CyberDog is able to follow its owner and bypass obstacles ” Xiaomi explained.

A true concentrate of technology, the CyberDog embeds an Nvidia Jetson Xavier ™ NX chip with a capacity of 21 TOPS, a processor allowing to run complex artificial intelligences, but also the augmented reality platform Intel RealSense.

Its 128GB SSD also promises to be upgradeable, Xiaomi going so far as to announce an open source project and invite developers from all over the world to participate in the development of the capabilities of his robot. To do this, the robot dog is equipped with three USB-C ports and an HDMI port and the company is talking about the possibility of adding panoramic cameras or even lidars ...

Le Xiaomi Cyber ​​Dog will he be able to speak? It is in any case equipped with six microphones which suggest that it could well also rely on theXiaoAI voice assistant.

The first affordable pet robot?

The good news is that this is not a simple concept or a demonstration of the Chinese giant's know-how, but rather a product destined to be marketed.

If, at first, Xiaomi announces that it wants to distribute 1000 CyberDogs engineers, enthusiasts and other fans with the goal of launching their own community of open source robot developers, rapid large-scale commercialization cannot be ruled out.

China-wide only, for now anyway, where the Xiaomi Cyberdog will be offered at 9999 yuan, a little more than 1300 euros. An affordable price for this kind of device which should participate in its democratization.

In writing, we are already waiting for its " global version Impatiently!

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