Covid-19: donate to the Red Cross with Alexa

You cannot ignore it: we are currently experiencing a major health crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic that hits the entire planet. In France, as in many other countries, this equally social and economic crisis requires rapid and massive mobilization.

But what to do when you are confined? You can volunteer with the many humanitarian aid associations that work every day against Covid-19 or, if you cannot, their simply make a donation.

Among her, The French Red Cross got into working order, its volunteers reinforcing the nursing staff in the field, everywhere in France, 7 days a week, 7 hours a day. These actions aim to protect the entire population and best meet the needs of vulnerable and isolated people.

Donate to the French Red Cross on Amazon

As was already the case in other tragic events, Amazon helps the French Red Cross in order to collect more easily and more massively the donations intended for it.


Donate to the Red Cross with Alexa

Alexa can also allow you to make the donation of your choice very easily. Amazon has indeed created a skill Alexa in order to allow you to participate simply in the collective effort. A fun way to donate with your children, for example, and teach them a little more about what the word "solidarity" means.

To do this, you just have to tell him:

« Alexa, open the Red Cross ”


« Alexa, I would like to make a donation to fight against the coronavirus ”




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