Angry Smart Soundbar 900: a soundbar with voice control Alexa expanded

Soundbars are on the rise. Bose has understood this and today unveils its new soundbar Angry Smart Soundbar 900, who besides being AirPlay 2 compatible, offers extensive voice control with Amazon Alexa, and in a lesser extent Google Assistant.

Angry Smart Soundbar 900: a compact Home Cinema

The American Hi-Fi specialist has just announced the opening of pre-orders for a new product which should delight more than one user ofAlexa : the Bose sound bar Smart Soundbar 900.

Compatible Dolby Atmos (but also Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus), the new soundbar from Bose is equipped with 7 speakers and implements in-house technologies ADAPTiQ and PhaseGuide to adapt the diffusion of the sound to the configuration of the room.

Two loudspeakers placed towards the top are dedicated to the TrueSpace 3D spatialization. Bose explains that they allow "direct the sound rays in several directions, towards distinct spaces in your room". And, if that's not enough for you, note that it is possible to further improve this immersion by adding a subwoofer and wireless speakers in the back.

Extensive voice control with Alexa

In addition to its Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity and AirPlay 2 / Spotify Connect and Google Assistant compatibility, the new Angry Smart Soundbar 900 also benefits from a integration Alexa expanse thanks to the Voice4Video technology which allows direct control of a television or a cable or satellite decoder.

Thanks to the voice assistant ofAmazon, it is thus possible to turn a device on or off, pause or resume video playback, select a channel, launch your favorite applications, but also change sources. A possibility offered by the presence of an HDMI e-ARC connection.

Available from February 1, 2022, the new Angry Smart Soundbar 900 is already in pre-order at the price of 999.99€ on the brand's official website and at Fnac / Darty.
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