[PRIME DAY] The connected outlet offers not to be missed

Alexians usually enjoy high mass Amazonienne of Prime Day to acquire more and more connected objects compatible with Alexa. Here is a selection of the offers not to be missed on this second day of Prime Day.


Connected sockets: let go with Alexa

Many sellers offer connected sockets that can be used with our voice assistants.


YuanGuo KS-501 at 23 € only: a socket connected in Wi-Fi very versatile by its appearance and its USB port. It will find its place in a living room for example to control on an auxiliary lamp while charging laptops. The only negative point is its use of Smart Life which means that it is not very configurable and that there is from time to time latencies in the voice. But it's not specific to this take. It is a product that we really appreciated and very good value for money.


Our full test can be found here et packs are available here at 23 €

TECKIN SP21 sockets at € 26 per pack of three : one of our favorite models. A little less compact than the panamalar, it remains however very discreet, just like its LED which does not have the disadvantage of lighting violently as was the case for Horsky sockets. Perfectly compatible with Alexa via skill Smart Life, its quite reasonable price makes it a wise choice for those who wish to equip themselves and taste the pleasure of home automation without spending a fortune.

Find our Teckin SP21 full plug test and packs at 26 € on Amazon.com.


YuanGuo connected sockets: you can also find this simple and effective model for just € 21 for a two-pack.

Perfect for getting started in the connected home, these outlets work perfectly with Smart Life and Alexa.

To find on Amazon.fr during Prime Day at € 21


Meross MSS310FR connected sockets : a real surprise.Quality socket, pretty and offering the same features as more expensive sockets, it knows how to differentiate itself thanks to its consumption monitoring and in this sense has succeeded in its mission during our complete test of Meross MSSS310FR.

To find on Amazon.fr at the price of € 22 during Prime Day.



This is the super good plan of these Prime Days on the socket side: the OSRAM Smart+ are at 8.99 € per unit. The opportunity to equip yourself with sockets using the Zigbee protocol. Please note, these connected sockets require a bridge (Philips Hue, Osram Smart+ or Echo Plus / Show 2 to work, but offer a nice design and above all the reliability of the Zigbee.

Our Osram socket test Smart+ can be found here and they are available at only 8.99 € on Amazon. Fr.


Finally, we end our selection of single sockets with this model, also tested by us: the Maxcio connected sockets. They offer two USB doors each and above all a small light that can serve as a night light for your children. An original design and excellent reliability make it one of the star products of the Alexiens.

To find on Amazon.fr at 19 € the set of two.


Connected multiple sockets: multiply yourselves thanks to Alexa


YuanGuo, a brand that we appreciate, is offering its power strip that we very much appreciated because of its rather reasonable price, its surge protection qualities and its perfect functioning with Smart Life and our beloved Amazon Alexa.

Find here our full test of the YuanGuo power strip who is available at 35 € on Amazon.fr for Prime Day.

Meross power strip: 4 sockets and 4 USB ports for this reliable model of which we have already tested the 3 socket and 4 USB version. The Meross application offers great responsiveness and foolproof reliability, which in addition to its qualitative design, promises you to use this multiple socket for years!

Find our Meross power strip test and Meross MSS425FR 4 ports + 4 USB at only 25 € during Prime Day!

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