[GOOD DEALS] 10 home automation offers on AliExpress!

AliExpress, a little against the grain, offers us this week good home automation plans rather interesting! We have therefore made a small selection of products for the connected home, all tested in our lab ', with in particular offers on a Chinese brand that we particularly like for the quality of its products: Earthsmart !

Earthsmart : ZigBee Power

If Zemismart offers a host of products, including Wi-Fi, the brand increasingly relies on the ZigBee, and we can only be congratulated.

A ZigBee Tuya bridge / Smart Life

Let's start by telling you about ZigBee Zemi Hubsmart for Tuya / Smart Life. In addition to being compact and sober, it is a efficient product as much as necessary to control the connected objects below.

Wireless ZigBee Switches

We loved them, we still use them elsewhere, here are the ZigBee Tuya switches Smart / Life wireless and neutral the most popular by our community!

ZigBee built-in switch

To replace traditional switches, nothing better than the insert! To find out more, read our Zemi built-in neutral ZigBee switch testsmart. Once again, a real success!

Switch ZigBee Zemismart

What is a switch for? To connect at a lower cost all the existing devices, in particular the lighting ramps, the ceiling lights to the too expensive GU10s… And, once again, it is Zemismart which offers us a model that is both efficient and economical in ZigBee. Compatible with Echo bridges and Tuya hubs / Smart Life is an essential product! Find our ZigBee Zemi switch testsmart / 3A here.

Tuya connected sockets / Smart Life

By that we never have enough, here are two models of connected sockets very efficient and, what is more, really inexpensive!

Proscenic 830P: an efficient robot vacuum cleaner

This is THE specialty of Proscenic: robot vacuum cleaners. Economical, the Proscenic 830P nonetheless remains effective. As this is an evolution of Proscenic 800T, it shouldn't disappoint you!

Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer

An economical and frankly practical product!

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