Good deal Roidmi Eve Plus: -30% on this great robot!

The robot vacuum cleaners with automatic collector are more than ever on the rise as evidenced by the recent Roborock S7 released. However, such a device is generally only found on fairly expensive devices. Always good plans, we recently presented the Roidmi Eve Plus, a 2-in-1 robot from the Galaxy Xiaomi Home presents best quality price report from the moment !

Roidmi Eve Plus: -30% on the 2-in-1 robot

It looks good, all in white, but above all it is especially effective with its 2700 Pa suction ! Thanks to its 4th generation Lidar, the vacuum robot Roidmi Eve Plus (see test) map your house, floor by floor if necessary. You can then schedule it to send it for cleaning total or partial, in certain rooms or everywhere excluding certain specific areas.

With an autonomy of up to 250 minutes depending on the power used, the Roidmi Eve can cover a large area and can return empty your dust bin alone or recharge before finishing the job. With a 3 liter dust bag integrated capacity, it is thus autonomous for more than a month!

Its dust bin is by the way 2 1 en since it contains a 250 mL water tank. Install the mop and he will perform a Y wash of your hard floors for which three water flow levels are available. Install it via the home application Roidmi Cleaner and you can also command by voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant!

Roidmi Eve Plus review: top quality / price robot vacuum cleaner!



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