[GOOD DEAL] Neato D750 Animal Edition: -44% on the robot vacuum cleaner

Neato has been running a series of promotions since the announcement of the release of its very high-end Neato D10 and its little brothers, robot vacuums whose prices should reach new heights, but which have the merit of pushing the manufacturer to make good offers on its current models. It is exactly the most upscale current which is now offered at a bargain price ...

Neato D750 Animal Edition at -44%

Neato D750: reviews and pricesReleased in 2019, this special edition animals of the Neato D7 still has good arguments for it since it offers the largest bin of the market, but also the biggest brush suitable for animal hair with an impressive length of 28 centimeters, which is 30% more than other robots on the market.

Connected via Wi-Fi, the Neato D750 is equipped with all the innovations of the brand: navigation by laser rangefinder for a ultra precise mapping (virtual zones, no go zones, etc.), floor management, side brush so you don't forget anything, high performance HEPA filters to eliminate 97% of micro-particles ...

In short, this robot has it all and benefits from the brand's exclusive D-shape allowing it to follow complaints and make angles like no other. In addition, its application is undoubtedly one of the best on the market, probably the most intuitive and pleasant to be used as we point out in the Neato D450 review.

Usually offered at the very high price of € 949, the Neato D750 Animal Edition is now at € 534.31 on Amazon. Fr, be one 44% discount saving you more than 400 €! At this price, there is no hesitation ...
Updated: August 11, 2022 13:29 a.m.

Too expensive ? Go for the Neato D650!

Excellent too, you can turn to the premium Neato D650 models which generally offer the same benefits with a little less autonomy.

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