[GOOD DEAL] Konyks Priska + Mini: -24% on connected sockets

Knowing how much an electrical appliance consumes is becoming something that many of us want to know. Very few connected sockets allow the monitoring of the consumption of the device to which they are connected. But that was without taking into account Konyks! Indeed, the French brand of connected objects offers a connected socket Priska + Mini (see test) with followed Conso and obviously compatible Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Konyks Priska Mini: -24% on the set of two

A connected socket, we all need it. Whether for a floor lamp, a household appliance, there is always something to plug into it. The Konyks Priska + Mini, in addition to being very small with her 4.6 cm in diameter, supports 16A or, 3520W and she is designed with child safety. Install it on the Konyks home application and all you have to do is control it by voice with your voice assistant.

Konyks Priska + Mini test: the mini connected plug that does the maximum!
Usually offered at € 22.90 per unit, or € 45.80 in a set of 2, the small and practical connected socket Konyls Priska + Mini is now on sale at 39.90 € the set of 2 on Amazon. Fr or on the brand's website. 

PRISKA + MINI 16A Wi-Fi smart socket with meter (FR type E / F)

Price as of: May 23, 2022 16 h 54 min
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