[GOOD TIP] Innr: ZigBee bulbs for less than 10 €!

If you own a apparatus Amazon Echo with integrated ZigBee bridge (Echo Plus / Studio / Show 2), a Philips Hue bridge or a ZigBee type Conbee II key, this offer should definitely interest you! Indeed, the Innr brand which we presented this morning the Innr connected socket SmartPlug SP220 offers today on its store Amazon of really interesting promotions on its ampoule packs.

Pack Innr E27 White at 27.99 € or 9.33 € / unit

Offering a beautiful warm white LED light (2700K) for optimal color rendering with a luminous flux of 806 lumens (equivalent to 60W incandescent), these ZigBee E27 LED bulbs can be controlled via smartphone and compatible with the Philips Hue hub as well as with “connected home” bridges Amazon Echo. So you can control in voice with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Innr E27 connected LED bulbs White, compatible with Philips Hue * & Alexa (connected hub required) 3-Pack, RB 265-3

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May 24, 2022 0:22 a.m.


  • Controllable via smartphone, compatible with Philips Hue Connected Products or Amazon Echo More. * Does not work with Apple HomeKit or Philips Hue Entertainment mode.
  • Voice command: works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home when paired with a Philips Hue bridge. Alexa: can be connected to Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Show 2nd Gen DIRECTLY; All other devices Amazon such as Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Show 1st gen, and Echo Spot require a bridge like Phillips Hue to control the light usingAlexa or application Alexa.
  • Beautiful warm white LED light (2700K), optimal color rendering
  • To be used in your existing lamp with an E27 base (large screw), saves up to 90% of energy.
  • Important note: This bulb works with the Philips Hue bridge * or Amazon Echo More. * Does not work with Apple HomeKit

Pack Innr GU10 White 4.8W at 43.99 € i.e. 10.99 € / unit

Allowingsave up to 90% energy compared to conventional GU10s, the Innr GU10 White 4.8W LED bulbs they also provide a beautiful LED light warm white (2700K) for optimum color rendering with a 36 ° light beam of 350 lumens equivalent to 50W.

Innr GU10 connected LED bulb White, compatible with Philips Hue * & Alexa, controllable via smartphone (connected hub required) RS 225-4 (4-Pack)

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Amazon. Fr
May 24, 2022 0:22 a.m.


Part Number RS 225-4
Warranty 2 year warranty included from the date of purchase.
Size 4-Pack
Energy Efficiency Class A+



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