GOOD DEAL: -35% on the Yeedi K650 robot vacuum cleaner

New arrival in the field of robot vacuum cleaners, or almost since it belongs to the leader Ecovacs, the young Chinese brand Yeedi is starting strong by offering an exceptional offer for its Yeedi K650 2-in-1, A model compatible with voice assistant Alexa. Let's see what this news offers us

New Yeedi K650 at -35%

Le Yeedi K650 is a very pretty robot vacuum cleaner all in white with, in its center, a touch of original pastel green. Compact, it measures only 7.9 cm high and will easily go under furniture, benches or low-fall beds, where a stick vacuum usually cannot reach the dust, which can be a real problem for allergy sufferers.

Provided with a powerful 2000 Pa suction, it is ideal for hard floors, but also for tapis where it is able to recover the hairs that our four-legged companions thanks to a central silicone brush… Capable ofvacuum and clean simultaneously, the Yeedi K650 offers a real time saving thanks to its double tank: 400 mL of dust and 300 mL of water.

You can monitor its comings and goings with its S-shaped cleaning system from the home application and modify its intervention locations according to your needs. Please note, it does not have a virtual barrier system, but the strips to be placed on the ground delimit the exclusion zones - they are optional. The announced autonomy is 130 minutes for use in automatic mode or 2h10 ! It will be able to go around most of the houses several times and, if not, it will return to its base to refuel on its own.

You will find in the delivery as an additional accessory: 1 central multi-surface brush, 1 mop, 5 disposable cloths, 1 cleaning tool. A very complete and perfect device to discover the joys of robotic cleaning!

Usually offered at 199.99 €, you can now get theYeedi K650 robot vacuum cleaner at € 129.99 only by checking the 60 € coupon on the product page THEN by adding our promo code of 10 € below, either a total reduction of 35% and savings of 70 €. Did you say good plan?
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