BoksLINK: the mailbox connected in WiFi!

During our Boks One test, the connected mailbox made in France, we regretted the absence of WiFi, this connected object only works with Bluetooth. Good news, the Toulouse-based company is back today with an accessory to connect its parcel boxes to the Internet, the WiFi bridge boksLINK, for a 100% connected Boks.

Boks ONE: the worry-free connected parcel box

Connect your mailbox with boksLINK

If you love your Boks One, you'll love being able to connect it to the Internet! Thanks to the brand new boksLINK WiFi bridge, your connected mailbox will soon be able to notify you of the parcel drop-off in real time and alert you if its door is opened.

Another advantage, you can remotely trigger the opening of the door of your Boks for a delivery person, a neighbor or a relative without being nearby and without having to generate code !

Indeed, if there is one problem that we cannot solve with this great product, it is the imponderable behavior of the delivery man or postman in front of this unusual object, some not even taking time to try to understand how it works and preferring to leave us a calling card rather than having to enter the code ...

With boksLINK, the problem should therefore appear less often because a simple call will allow us to unlock the connected mailbox.

From a technical point of view, we don't know much more so far, but the boksLINK seems neither more nor less than a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy / Wi-Fi gateway. Best of all, Boks seems to be working on a 4G solution since the company offers its customers to indicate, or not, their interest in a 4G bridge… Interesting!

Will it be possible to link the system to a home automation box? We hope so because many of us dream of being able to link it to our Home Assistant home automation box or Jeedom ...

Offered to 50 € in pre-order on the manufacturer's website, the bridge boksLINK will be available for sale in December 2021. It will be compatible with all models of the brand (boksONE, boksPRO and boksMAX).

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