Black Friday: SwitchBot in the Starting Blocks!

SwitchBot is already in the starting blocks for the Black Friday 2021 with offers of up to -30% on a large part of the range of connected objects. A brand that you know well as a loyal reader since we were the first to present it to you 3 years ago. Since then, the company has considerably enriched its catalog and you will find the tests of each of these devices below… Make your choice!

SwitchBot Curtain: motorize your curtains

Thanks to the SwitchBot Curtain, you will be able to create scenarios and routines Alexa or Google Home to control your curtains. And, you will see, operating your curtains from a distance without having to touch them is a real comfort.

Better yet, it also helps conserve heat in winter by closing them when the sun goes down or by opening them to the first rays of the sun. One way, among many others, to save energy. In these times of increasing energy costs, that's not a shame, you will agree….

Usually offered at € 85, the SwitchBot Curtain is currently at price € 68.00 be one 20% discount.
SwitchBot Curtain test: control your curtains with your finger and / or voice

SwitchBot Meter: the connected thermometer

How to best adjust your curtain? Using for example the SwitchBot Meter who gives you the temperature and humidity level of the room where it is placed. A simple scenario like this: "If the temperature drops below X ° then close the curtain" can make your life easier ... and that of your wallet.

Usually offered at € 19 on SwitchBot Meter is this week at price € 15.20 be one 20% discount.
Test The SwitchBot Meter: finally a “compatible” connected hygrometry and temperature sensor Alexa

The SwitchBot that presses all the buttons for you

And since the curtain is closed, we must now turn on the light! Well, know that it is also possible to do it with a "remote hand" thanks to the SwitchBot box.

This button / switch activates a switch at your request (or on programming). Place it on your coffee maker and it will make the coffee for you. Put it on your old robot vacuum cleaner and it will be connected from then on. In short, the possibilities are great!

Usually offered at 29.99 € the SwitchBot is this week at price € 23.99 be one 20% discount.

SwitchBot Hub Mini: universal voice control

Finally, the SwitchBot Hub Mini allows the SwitchBot Curtain, SwitchBot or SwitchBot meter to work together and is essential for using them via the cloud and your voice assistant.

Compatible with our voice assistants, the SwitchBot Hub Mini is also a perfect Universal remote controller for all your devices! Pair your air conditioner, TV and other infrared devices with Google Home ou Alexa find all your devices in a single application ...

Usually offered at 35 € the SwitchBot Hub Mini is this week at the price of €29.75 or a reduction of 15%
SwitchBot Hub Mini test: mini size, mini price but maximum utility for this IR controller!

SwitchBot Cam: it has everything of a great

As a bonus, the SwitchBot Indoor Cam offers great features at a relatively affordable price.
With its shooting in H.264 HD 1080p, its zoom optical x 6, to night vision and his two-way audio, She has it all. It is equipped with intelligent detection of humans, restricted areas, micro-SD storage (128 GB) and a cloud solution. You can also take live photos and videos. You will automatically receive notifications in case of presence on your Smartphone.
Moreover, its integration Amazon Alexa and Google assistant allows you to request to see images from your camera on your Echo Show or Nest Hub. You can also receive notifications via Alexa and integrate it into routines. Note that the camera works alone or in conjunction with a SwitchBot Hub to cooperate with other devices of the brand. Few weak points for this indoor camera which benefits from a Excellent value !
Usually offered at 39.99 €, the indoor camera SwitchBot Indoor Cam is currently at price € 31.99 be one 20% discount.
SwitchBot Indoor Cam review: SwitchBot's standalone indoor camera
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