Black Friday: connected weekend promotions!

You have certainly not missed it, the Black Friday took place yesterday. A meeting very popular with consumers, postponed this year due to the confinement linked to the health crisis, the event extends this year to all week with a final Monday, althoughAmazon continue his Christmas flash sales until December 23.

Always in search of good plans, we did not find anything very new today and therefore offer you a small summary of Black Friday promotions in case you missed our home automation tips yesterday! Most of the promotions remain in place and we will start with a little focus on robot vacuums which, once again this year, won the award for best sales on Amazon...

Robot vacuum cleaners: the undisputed star of Black Friday

It is small, it is round, it is more or less beautiful, but above all it is devilishly practical: it is the breathing machine ! Indeed, if there is one household chore that we would all happily do without, it's good to vacuum. With robots, it's almost a thing of the past.

Ditto for the tedious passage of the mop: why not delegate it to a robot? If the above models are, for the most part, combos capable of maintaining the soil, the robot mops dedicated to this task are obviously much more efficient. Here are a few.

Amazon Echo & Fire TV: up to -60% on devices Alexa

As with every wave of promotion, Amazon did not disappoint on its own devices and in particular its pregnant with Alexa integrated or his Fire TV streaming sticks with growing success. Listen to music, watch your movies and series, control your " smart home »With simple voice commands Alexa.

Philips Hue: the best of connected lighting

Thanks to the ZigBee protocol and the essential Philips Hue hub, discover the best in connected lighting with the Philips Hue range. On the program: shimmering colors, variable whites going as far as reproducing daylight, flawless responsiveness and manufacturing quality always at the rendezvous. Compatible with Amazon AlexaGoogle Home and HomeKit, the brand's connected lights are essentials in home automation!

Netatmo: up to -33% reduction!

Buying French and connected is possible with Netatmo! Now owned by the Legrand group, Fred Potter's company has grown but continues to offer quality connected objects ranging from Netatmo weather station who made his fame to his famous connected thermostat in Starck design, through a fairly interesting security range. Find our article about it below.

Home automation: up to -40% on the connected home

We finish with our selection of good home automation plans. Although a little shy this year, the offers are still quite numerous and there are still some interesting promotions to equip your connected home at a reasonable price!

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