Roborock S4: a new compatible robot vacuum cleaner Alexa

This is great news for fans of the Xiaomi ecosystem: Roborock expands its range with a brand new robot vacuum named Roborock S4. As we had seen during our Roborock S6 test, the Chinese company is indeed the outsider who is rising in the rather closed world of robot vacuum cleaners. Aware that the price of the S6 may be a bit high to satisfy all budgets, Roborock has therefore developed a new model that is less expensive, but still located in the high end of the sector.

Roborock S4: a promising vacuum robot

Benefiting from the brand's know-how in terms of navigation, the most efficient that we have seen to date, the Roborock S4 like its elders, offers precise mapping thanks to its New generation lidar running at 300 rpm with a accuracy announced up to 2 cm. Features 12 sensors, it has the same dimensions as the Roborock S6 with an diameter of about 35cm and height of 9,6 cm allowing it to move around your home.

A home that it will also be able to quickly cover in its entirety since its 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery offers him an autonomy of 180 minutes in silent mode (150 minutes in balanced mode) i.e. a surface ranging up to 250 m².

Easily along walls by placing 1 cm from complaints, its main sensor allows it toadapt its height in order to stay as close as possible to the ground, maximizing its suction at all times. Its side sensor finally gives it the ability to manage its speed and slow down in angles to leave nothing behind.

If it does not allow mopping, unlike S5 and S6, however, the Roborock S4 offers a suction power of 2000 Pa and is equipped with the brand new rotating brush of the brand which is particularly effective on a daily basis.

Well integrated into the range, its look is reminiscent of the brand's other robots, and it will be offered in black finish uniquely. Small difference with the others, he has a double round button a little different but just as effective since it allows you to launch a cleaning with a simple press or to order it to return to its base without having to draw its smartphone.

Compatible Alexa via the Roborock or Mi Home applications, there is no doubt that this robot is likely to meet with great success at Les Alexiens, but among fans of Aqara or Xiaomi home automation also…

Roborock therefore presents once again an attractive vacuum robot on paper that we will not fail to present to you in more detail soon and which will be marketed. from October 9, 2019 exclusively on Amazon. Fr at the very competitive price of 415,99€. And, the good news is that you will be able to benefit from a reduction for its launch ... Stay tuned, we will tell you everything on time!

Roborock S4: review and price of the new robot vacuum


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