With Konyks and Senso Charge, the house becomes magical!

After vintage bulbs Antalya Style very successful, the Toulouse-based company specializing in Smart Home returns in February with an evolution of its Wi-Fi opening sensor, the Konyks Senso Charge. As its name suggests, this new opus makes your life easier thanks to its integrated battery.

Konyks Senso Charge: a Wi-Fi opening sensor with rechargeable battery

If the first Senso of the name had a defect, it was probably its relatively high battery consumption. It must be said that its Wi-Fi connectivity hardly pushed him to sobriety. This is why the Apynov teams worked on the subject to offer us the new Konyks Senso Charge, a sensor for door or window equipped with a USB rechargeable battery which avoids having to worry about a stock of batteries. Even better, autonomy is now about a year, the application notifying you in advance if the battery is low, which gives you plenty of time to find the time to recharge it.

Automate your lights

Although the primary function of an opening detector is to alert us in the event of an intrusion, it can also be used to simply automate lighting. Combined for example with Antalya Easy E27 bulbs and at the Priska sockets, the opening sensor Konyks Senso Charge gives a whole new dimension to the smart home and it is easy to program a scene triggering a device when the device is opened.

So you can automate the switching on of the light of a room when the front door opens, or illuminate your dressing room when you open it, or even be alerted when the postman has passed by placing the detector in your mailbox! Handy, right?

Operating via the now famous Tuya platform / Smart Life, it goes without saying that this opening detector is compatible Amazon Alexa and Google Home. A real plus!

The new Konyks Senso Charge is priced at €19.90/unit on Amazon. Fr and obviously on the official website of the brand. As usual, the French company offers decreasing prices if you acquire several copies.

Konyks Senso Charge Wi-Fi opening detector - Lithium battery, 1 year battery life, Notifications on Smartphone, easy automations, Compatible Alexa & Google Home

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June 28, 2022 23:09 a.m.


  • MONITOR YOUR ENTRIES ⭐ Keep track of all the openings and closings of your doors or windows, get notified when the children come home from school...
  • AUTOMATIONS ⭐ The Konyks application makes it very easy to create automations, for example: turning on a light when a door is opened, illuminating the dressing room with an LED strip when it is opened, stopping the air conditioning if the window is open.
  • BATTERY DETECTOR ⭐ No need to change batteries, the battery is rechargeable with a one-year battery life!
  • VIA CONTROL SMARTPHONE ⭐ Whether you are at home, in the office or anywhere in the world you keep control over your devices. Monitor entrances and exits, check if a door is open or closed.
  • FRENCH COMPANY ⭐ Our user support is based in France and responds to your schedules, the user manual was written by our French team as is the free Konyks application
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