With Body Scan, Withings invents the connected health station

Withings, a French manufacturer of connected objects for health, unveiled an innovative new product during the CES 2022. Much more than a simple connected scale, the Withings body scan presents itself as a real connected health station. A product designed for domestic use, but also for telemedicine, which will be launched at the end of the year.

The Withings Body Scan is much more than a scale

In an interview with 20 Minutes, Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings, explains that the Withings body scan is not a simple connected scale. “With Body Scan, we are talking about“ connected health station ”. Of course, the weight remains a number one indicator of all the risks that one can develop but now […] four electrodes will allow the current to circulate in the whole body and not only the bottom. "

A segmentation of body composition which, unlike current products which simply take measurements on the lower limbs and extrapolate them to the rest of the body, makes it possible to measure " the fatty, muscular, bone and water masses […] through the right and left legs, but also the two arms, and the torso ”.

How it works? Under its tempered glass wall, the new scale Withings body scan has 4 sensors mass as well as 14 ITO electrodes, but also 4 stainless steel electrodes housed in its handle. Devices that will calculate the pulse wave velocity and perform electrocardiograms (ECG) with six leads. The whole, in less than 30 seconds !

We are still a long way from the 12-lead measurement performed by a cardiologist, but Withings promises us ECG much more precise than those of the best connected watches which, for their part, only use a single derivation. We think in particular of the famous Apple Watch or the Withings Move ECG.

Telemedicine in the crosshairs

La Withings body scan is intended primarily for people who want to take care of themselves, and who need to be accompanied. "What we want is not to leave them alone with the information collected" explains Mathieu Letombe before specifying that a « patient-doctor interface will allow practitioners to receive a secure link to access their patient's data. "

For this, the French company intends to attract practitioners, telemedicine is booming and expected to be widely practiced in the years to come. “Our hope is that in two years, telemedicine will really become commonplace. We work daily with cardiologists and neurologists, who say they are ready. " Connected objects more in tune with the new generations, which is why Withings has established several partnerships with associations of young doctors.

Able to follow up to 8 users and therefore to simply carry out the follow-up of the whole family, the Withings Body Scan health station will be available at the end of 2022 at a price of € 299.95. A price obviously much higher than its Body, Body + or Cardio, but a much more specialized product which claims a precision of 50 grams. Interesting, isn't it?
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